Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Random Post: Sutherland Plant Sale THIS Weekend!

*** Correction, the Sutherland annual plant sale is THIS weekend in KC.

Sorry I was such a downer in my previous post.  It's spring.  Let's look forward to pretty things.

I hear Sutherland is having their annual truckload plant sale next weekend.  Last year, I think it was a pack of 4 starter plants for $0.99 or maybe it was $0.79... don't remember, I just know it was cheap!  They grew really well too.  I bought some eggplant, tomato plants, various herbs and peppers plants, all produced nice yields.

My friend also has a farm and he'll grow whatever I give him so I'm thinking ginger and lemongrass this year.  I always need those.  Apparently, there's a black apple tree that's native.  I want one of those.  They look so cool.  That and a hawthorn and empress tree.   I think once I get older, I might like a small farm and then plant all sorts of crazy things.  Oh, and I definitely want a geothermal greenhouse!  Check those out on YouTube if you have a chance.  They are amazing!

What are you planting this year?


Monday, April 17, 2017

Random Post: Gardasil...

Hey everyone,

So... this is another installment of my random post; this one might be stranger than the others.  I'd like to talk about Gardasil, the HPV vaccine.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor, physician, nurse or anyone who can give medical advice.  I have never been to medical school or studied medicine.  My opinions are my own and do not constitute as medical advice or any advice in general.  My opinions are not in representation of anyone else.  The following is merely a composite of my experiences and readings/views of outside sources.

According to Wikipedia: "Gardasil, also known as Gardisil or Silgard or recombinant human papillomavirus vaccine [types 6, 11, 16, 18], is a vaccine for use in the prevention of certain strains of human papillomavirus, specifically HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18."

Recently, I was watching YouTube when one of the videos in my feed from a subscription caught my eye.  The titled contained "Gardasil" and "Asian."  Naturally I was curious because as mentioned in a previous post, I am Asian.  The short video went into discussion about the side effects of Gardasil, mainly that 7 our of 8 test trial subjects died were Asian women so there might be a genetic factor involved.  Well, that made me nervous because I took all three Gardasil shots back in my late teenage/early twenties.  I would say sometime in 2006-2008 when the commercials first came out claiming to prevent some forms of cervical cancer.  What woman isn't frighten about that?

I decided to look up other videos about Gardasil side effects and numerous videos came up with young women describing the troubles they've suffered after receiving this shot.  Mind you, I don't know if anyone can prove it.  However, I have seen an article about 64 Japanese women who suffered permanent physical/neurological damages filing a lawsuit against their cities for the mass immunization of this drug.  It kind of relates to that first video I saw about a possibility of genetic incompatibility.  That doesn't mean only Asian women are affected though.  The terrible effects didn't seem to spare any racial group.

Anyhow, after reading more on the subject and watching more YouTube videos of young people describing their plight from the vaccine, it seems there is a high amount of aluminum in the vaccine itself.  Now, I believe in vaccines in general.  I believe that giving the body a deactivated version of the contaminants and letting it perform "practice combat" so to say, is a good idea, but inclusion of heavy metals just doesn't seem necessary.  For example, the regular flu vaccine has 50,000 parts per billion of mercury while the EPA identifies 200 parts per billion to be hazardous waste.  They call it thiomersal or thimerosal and said that it is a necessary preservatives but this doesn't seem true since the UK removed this ingredient from their flu vaccine in the early to mid 2000s.  I won't go into so-called conspiracy theories but if you have time, look up the Plutonium Files.

Now, why am I really writing this post?  Well, after receiving the Gardasil shots, there was a time where I had neurological and physical issues, some symptoms remain today.  At first, I blamed genetics.  I blamed hormones.  I blamed myself.  I went into severe depression and blamed everything I have ever done wrong under the sun because I didn't know why my healthy body felt as though it was crumbling.  I was helpless.  I never thought to link the rapid changes to a vaccine until now.  After I kept reading about the side effects and discovering there were many linkages between the reported effects the experts never openly stated and my own experiences, it made me think.  All those years I sought treatments for the wrong things and made everything worse.  If I had known and didn't take the shots, would I have had those years back and enjoyed life instead of having locked myself up most days wondering if I'd wake up the next day?

It started out as neck and back pain as well as numbness in my arms which then turned into severe pressure in my head (pain that still exists today) and after several MRI scans, nothing was found so nothing was done except for pain meds upon pain meds that never helped after a couple of days.  I couldn't sleep most nights because I felt like seizing up.  I couldn't breathe, my heart went crazy, blood pressure shot up, my entire body trembled from cold sweat.  I do not have sleep apnea.  I was not overweight.  I was, if anything, a fit young person back then with no prior medical issues; not even seasonal allergies.  I showed/am showing signs of alopecia which none of my relatives have.  My once severely good memory have turned dull.  I can barely remember anything from my college days (around the time I took the vaccine) and I feel like I've missed out years of my life (literally and figuratively).  My cognitive ability has slowed tremendously.  I barely have the energy to get up.  My liver enzymes have shot up.  No, I don't smoke and I drink like a prude granny, maybe one drink four times a year if even that.  On a good day, I'd feel like I'm 60 years old.  I'm thirty.

So, what about it?

Well, I regret having taken the Gardasil vaccines.  I will never be able to prove that it caused all my medical issues and turned a healthy body to a broken pile of scrap metal nor have I any proof the vaccine is solely to blame.  However, I also didn't know the extent of side effects since they didn't tell me about them.  I was asked if I was allergic to yeast and eggs, common ingredients in vaccines, but nothing about having immunity to high dosage of aluminum.  I didn't know 7/8 people who died during trials were Asian women.  I didn't know the plethora of other things that most people would say is my fault for not having read about the vaccine because I trusted the power that be to tell me it was safe.  My only comment here is to learn from my mistake: read about the vaccine before taking it.  Assess your risk.  This is not to turn you off from Gardasil because if it had this effect on everyone, it would have been pulled (I hope).  Do what I didn't do... or better yet don't do what I did, which was to trust blindly those who would point to the fine print to keep their filthy hands clean from any wrongdoing when they know full well their innocence is long gone.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April Update

Hey y'all,

Haven't really done much since I published the last Polaris route on the Ides of March (March 15th).  I started on a spin-off for Dui's true ending because I knew the last book didn't do him much justice though I'd intended it that way.  Dui played second chair to Bai Hu the entire novel so it didn't seem right for Bao Lai to fall head over heels for him then.  Besides, she needed to close the attachment to Bai Hu in order to give Dui her entire heart.  The spin-off story would take place a year later after Dui's ending from Polaris: The General and the General Practitioner when Bao Lai is working as Dui's apprentice in Pa Xu.  She chose to give up Bai Hu while Dui still thinks she'd fall back into old habits given a change of heart from Hu.  It'll be a love triangle again, though in reverse from the main novel.  That's the idea anyway but it's more difficult to put things into words than I thought.  Paused writing this one for now.

I went back to pick up writing another book which I started years ago and never got anywhere.  Been shirking it too because the tone is so much different now than it was then.  Apparently, I had more of a sense of humor then.  Still debating whether I want to self publish this one or enter it into the Kindle Scout for a contract.  I might go the latter route if I can cut it down.  It's hard for me to keep anything under 500 pages.  I'm always amazed at good stories, complete from top to bottom, written in less than 200.  Maybe it's a formatting thing or maybe it's just me being long-winded.

Anyway, I might just drop everything and go slash some dudes in Ninja Gaiden now that I've bought the pro Wii controller.  Mindlessly mashing buttons to control a ninja is pretty awesome.

That's all I have for now

Lenne Penry

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Random Post: United Airlines' Recent Blunder

Hey everyone,

This issue is trending right now with United Airlines having injured a Vietnamese doctor who refused to get off the plane.  I'm a little dismayed and somewhat pissed for several reasons, mainly because I am Vietnamese (Lenne "Pen"ry is my nom de plume) and I've hated United Airlines for a long time before this happened.  Guess this is more of expressing some agitation than anything else on my part.

The recent issue in the news
In case you didn't know, United Airline recently overbooked one of their flights, which a lot of airlines do in case of cancellations.  However, in this instance, no one cancelled and they needed four seats for their attendants.  Thus, they offered incentives for four people to take a later flights.  When no one took the offer, they "randomly" chose four people to be removed.  All four were minorities, three were Asians, one of which was a Vietnamese doctor.  He didn't comply because he had patients to see in the morning.  During the altercation, his head hit the armrest and his body became limp while blood spewed from his mouth and nose.  His limp body was then dragged from the plane.

My thoughts
While I have to agree that the doctor should have gotten off the plane when told to by US Marshals, the situation had its oddity and United Airlines certainly did not handle the situation properly.

  • Four people were "randomly" chosen to be removed.  I find it difficult to believe based on the videos from other passengers that four minorities were randomly chosen from the entire casts, three of whom were Asians.  Most Asians will comply with authority and perhaps UA thought they wouldn't make a fuss.  Was this racist?  Perhaps not, but certainly it seems like profiling.
  • The doctor was a very old man so was it necessary to use that much force?  Probably not.  I don't think it's right to lay hands on a paying customer who hasn't done anything wrong except for claiming a service he'd paid for.  Still, as mentioned, I think the doctor should have left the plane and pushed them to find another flight for him, whether through them or another airline, to get him back within the same time span.  
  • Since this happened, UA CEO's commended his employees for the rough handling of a passenger.  Very improper on his part.  UA is afraid of a massive lawsuit since this issue has garner a lot of attention so whether it was through them or other sources, the doctor's shady past was brought to light in order to destroy his credibility; character assassination so to say.  
    • Yes, he has a shady past and was tried at court for it.  It's over and done with.  What he did then has nothing to do with UA's actions now. 
Overall, this has been a mess.  I hope the doctor didn't suffer any permanent damage and I hope UA will learn to treat their customers better, though I really doubt it.  I will not join in the boycott of UA simply because I've banned them from my airline list a long time ago.  Airlines I do like are these two: Southwest Airlines and Alaskan Airlines.  Delta is fine but I have my qualms with them as well.

My experiences with United Airlines
I've flown with them on three instances and during all three, there were issues.  Since then, I've been willing to pay more for a flight so I don't have to deal with them in general.

  1. The first time I nearly missed my connecting flight in Chicago because they were super late.  I ran like a madwoman since the connecting flight was going out of the country.  Planes tend to be late sometimes, oh well, I'll give that a pass.  Not the first time a plane was late.
  2. Second time, when I went to get my ticket, they told me my flight was cancelled.  I was going to fly into Orange County and the lady at the counter insisted that I come back the next day.  I said no way, I have a reservation to keep and I already paid for tonight. So, she insisted to fly me into LA and have a family member pick me up.  I don't know why she assumed I have family in LA, because I don't, and I told her as such.  I wasn't going to spend a ton of money to have a cab drive me from LA to Orange County.  After insisting that I had to make this flight and with her giving me the runaround, finally when others who were waiting for the same plane griped along, they finally placed us on Delta flights instead.  Got there super late at night.
  3. Third time, and this was the straw that broke the camel's back, they gave away my seat (booked five months in advanced) to a gentleman who missed his flight.  Apparently he was supposed to sit in the same seat as me but on a different flight.  They never told me.  I found out when I boarded the plane and someone was in my seat.  So, I told the flight attendant the situation and asked if I could just take an empty seat.  Good customer services called for him to do something when his company screwed up.  Instead, he laughed at me as though I were incredibly stupid and told me that everyone has to sit in assigned seats.  Again, I reiterated that I can't because someone is in it.  At which point he chuckled and said, "Yeah, we'll figure it out."  Then he walked off, chuckling to himself as though he'd spoken to a simpleton.  So, I'm left stranded in the middle of the plane without a seat while others boarded.  It was awkward to say the least. He never did come back to help me and so I just sat in one of the empty seats after everyone boarded.

With three consecutive times flying with them and three different issues, I can see just how much they want my business.  This is why I've long made a vow to avoid them as much as possible.  Companies that don't provide good customer services don't deserve their customers.  I always vote with my money, in that I take it somewhere else.

What do you think of this recent event?

~Lenne Penry

Friday, March 31, 2017

Random Post: Dumb Luck

Hey y'all,

Borrowed this book from my sister a while back and hadn't finished reading it until recently.  It's called "Dumb Luck" by Vu Trong Phung.  The whole thing is a satire; very comical and clever.  It's about a vagabond off the streets who, through unusual circumstances (more like stars aligning), finds his way to the upper classes... eventually saving Vietnam (sort of--gotta read it to know what I mean).  He's vulgar, real and hilarious.  Aside from his quirky story, the main character, Red-Haired Xuan, plays witness to upper classes fighting over the modern French colonial ways and Vietnamese traditions.  The illogical ways of the so called "open-minded intellectuals" clash with the street-smarts of Xuan to create a magnificent story.

Mind you, this book was written in the 1930's and was banned by the Vietnamese government for 50 years.  If the government doesn't want you to read something, it's probably good ;0)

I'm not sure how else to describe the book but it's definitely a good read if you have a chance.  However, minor warning: don't read it though if you are easily offended.

Amazon Link: Dumb Luck by Vu Trong Phung


~ Lenne Penry

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner

Hi everyone!

The third otome novel to the Polaris series is out, titled "Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner!"  Please check it out if you're interested!  Available on Amazon here (Link).

In this book, choose between General Bai Hu and Dr. Dui.

By chance, Bao Lai is mistaken for His Highness, He Pi, and as a result, becomes the Demon General's ward. However, something about him seems more than familiar and while the general denies any previous attachment, another part of his consciousness is vying to take over; one that seeks to end Bao Lai. 

During their rocky relationship, Dr. Dui enters to provide a helping hand but behind his lecherous exterior hides another problem no woman thus far can cure. 

Pick the path to happiness in this reverse-harem, otome-inspired genre novel. Routes are included for Dui and Bai Hu along with pictures for each ending. 

This novel contains alternate routes to Polaris: Emperor of Nan Rong and Polaris: Empress of Ning and therefore, can be read independently from volume 1 and 2

The links for story walthroughs and CGI's are below: