Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wacom Review + New Fiverr Gig

Hi all,

I just received my Wacom Draw tablet a moment ago and tested it out.  See the pic of my nephew I drew below :)

So, this post will be a basic review of my first impressions along with a promo for one of my Fiverr gig.  Feel free to ignore my promo if that bothers you.

Here's my review: I bought the Wacom Intuos Draw (white tablet--really wanted the blue one, grr).
  1. Installation: It came with the disk but it's recommended to install the drivers online.  I went to and installed the drivers, worked just fine.
  2. Mapping the Express Keys.  The Wacom Desktop Center suite will pop up after installation.  You can change the pen sensitivity in there along with adding the short cut buttons to the four express key slots on the tablet.
    •  Note: In order to map redo and undo, I opened the Express Key Settings and selected the keystroke option.  A box will then pop up, type in Ctrl+Z and rename 'Undo', do the same except Ctrl+Y for 'Redo.'  Just telling ya because it took me a bit to find that out.
    • Pen sensitivity... so I'm using Manga Studio 5 and all my pen strokes looked like very light pencil marks which irritated me since I wasn't using the pencil option.  If you dislike that, like I do, you need to lower the pen sensitivity to the left end.
  3. Usage: Pretty simple but does have some issues
    • Pros:
      • Pen sensitivity. Finally, I can use it!  Only because my old Kanvus couldn't.
      • Decent drawing space if you don't need a whole lot of room.  I don't tend to make excessively wide strokes so not a problem.
      • Express Keys are very functional
      • Easy to program
      • The pen does not need a battery
    • Cons
      • The surface is not as smooth as I'd like.  I think the $25 Kanvus win on this one.
      • The pen has very little weight so that it feels a little cheap.  Probably not an issue for most folks but I like a pen with a little weight for good griping.  Pen love handles?
      • At times, the lines produced are very scrunched together (unsteady) as though I must be hyped up on sugar and coffee... which I wasn't.  This happened after I accidentally bumped the pen against the side of my desk (lightly).  I've done with this my Kanvus pen 1000 times and it's fine.  Apparently, the cheap pen is not for clumsy people.  To fix this, I had to jiggle the tip ever so lightly and draw at an angle instead of straight.  After about ten strokes or so, it returned to normal.  Seems like it could be a pain long term.
      • Lags, OMG the lags!  Ok... it's not that bad.  A little disappointed a brand new tablet out of the box is already suffering from old age.  It just lags more than I expected, not all the time, but still.
      • The irritating scratching.  Pretty much every drawing tablet makes a scratching noise, that's a given.  This one is slightly muffled but somehow the pitch just irritates me.  Personal preference though and nothing against Wacom
    • Update: Found more issues:
      • Wacom was plugged into my computer overnight and the computer went to sleep.  Flipped it open this morning and it tells me the drivers are missing... so, I went online found that this is a common problem.  Very annoying.
        • FYI: To fix this... look up "services" in your windows menu.  Open the "Wacom Professional Tablet Services" and then under Service Status, select "Stop"... wait for it to complete and then select "Start."
      • I've only drawn 4 pics with the Wacom so far, nothing I would consider excessively detailed or required extensive hours.  In short, I've barely used it.  Picked up the pen yesterday and saw that a lot of the tip has been whittled away.  Now, they do provide extra pen tips but this is ridiculous.  I am still on the first pen tip of my Kanvus and I've drawn countless pics with that one, not to mention,  I was very rough sometimes with scratching the tip across the drawing screen.  With the Wacom, I've been extra careful because as mentioned above, this system doesn't seem fit for clumsy people.  Somehow I feel this was part of their "design."

With that said, my review score for this drawing tablet is 3.8/5.  Maybe that will go up/down... only time can tell.  Do I think Wacom is overrated based on this tablet?  Not quite.  The ease of use and setup is pertinent for any user and they do a fine job there.  In terms of quality, this isn't their usual $400 tablet, it's the cheap model so I guess don't expect the world.  I was looking for durability because I want my money's worth.  Honestly, I'm not so sure it will last years and years like the Kanvus but again... only time will tell.   Prove me wrong, Wacom!

Now, for the advertising part.  Here's the picture I drew a few hours ago of my nephew.  If you'd like your picture drawn by yours truly.  Please visit my gig on Fiverr:

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