Sunday, May 29, 2016

Random Post: First Sale on eBay

Time for one of my rant!

As you may know, I've branched out from writing and looking to start a small side-business selling handcrafted jewelry and whatnot... reason: like most people, I don't like my job and I'm trying to do something about it.

Anyhow, neither my Etsy store nor eBay sold anything so I decided to lower the price on one of the item (bracelet) I had for sale to $10 bid, $15 to buy.  I was thinking, well, no one's going to buy or bid anyway.  What's the harm?  Well, someone did, which is great until I scrambled around and discovered the world of doing business along with my own incompetence.   The heart charm accompanying the bracelet in the picture on eBay... I ran out of those after making a few items for friends from work.  Ran down to Walmart where I bought the others and the only packages that had it in silver was the $5 findings melange box.  So... I spent $5 just to get the stupid charm and I didn't need anything else in that overpriced box.  Don't want a bad review for my first sale and all.

So then here comes the fees!  Paypal charge $0.30+2.9% which is reasonable but eBay charges 10% on the total price (including the shipping cost).  Now, the the darn thing took about $6.70 to make.

Which means... 10 price + 2.45 shipping is total received BUT
12.45-2.45 shipping-6.70 input cost - 0.66 paypal fee - 1.25 ebay fee = $1.39!  And then subtract out the gas it took to drive to Walmart and the extra crud I didn't need from the $5 findings box equal first sale is a bust.  I failed. (-.-)

My plan was to finish the first draft of the second Polaris book today but with running around all day trying to figure crud out... I ended up where I was this morning; no progress.

Anyways, how was your weekend?  :)

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