Sunday, October 15, 2017

Great Deal at JCP This Weekend!!

Hey all,

Sorry for posting this so late.  JCPenney is having a big sale this weekend.  If you hit their clearance section, there are some GREAT stuff on sale from shoes to purses, clothes, sunglasses, underclothing, etc. (men, women and children).  There should be a sign next to the clearance sign that says extra 50% off, meaning whatever the clearance price is on the item (red sticker), take another 50% off.  If it doesn't show up at the register, tell the cashier and they'll take it off.  This weekend (again, sorry the late notice), there is a mystery discount.  You get a card with a random discount on it from 30-50% off (or sign up in the app for 20% off if the mystery card deal is over).  This discount stacks on top of the 50% off discount!  I bought an entire pantsuit last week for $17.xx and a pair of really nice Nike shoes this weekend for less than $20.  Really need to stop shopping on my part but it's sooo cheap.  $2 Southpole sunglasses?!  Yatta!

On top of everything, download the app and create an account with them and then sign up for the rewards program (or do it on your laptop).  If you have a JCP card, it's 1 point for every $1 spent. Otherwise, 1 point for every $2 with any other form of payment.  After every 200 points, earn $10.  Also, if you download the app and make a new account and add a payment method, they are supposed to give you an auto $10 gift card.  This didn't work for me at first for some reason and I had to do it several times.  After a week and a half, I finally got the gift code.  Others apparently got it within 48 hrs.  No idea how their system works.  I heard customer services will honor this if you contact them.

Have fun shopping if you're interested.  TTYL!

~Lenne Penry

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