Sunday, February 11, 2018

Happy Lunar New Year! (Year of the Dog)

Hey everyone!

Friday, Feb. 16th, is Lunar New Year.  2018 will be Year of the Dog.  (Yay!  Puppies!)

Here's a Polaris doodle featuring Prime Minister San An (whose zodiac animal is the Dog) and the MC, Bao Lai.

Little Background:
Lunar New Year follows the phases of the moon; each new moon is a new month.  The Lunar New Year date varies on the Gregorian calendar.  Asian countries that celebrate Lunar New Year use the Gregorian calendar on a normal basis but keep track of the Lunar New Year date for this special holiday.  It's considered the most important holiday of the year since it will determine how the rest of the year goes.

The yellow flowers are called Mai, and are associated with Spring and therefore, Lunar New Year, in Viet Nam.  Most Westerners think of Anh Dao (cherry blossoms or sakura) because of popular Japanese cultures (even though Japan doesn't celebrate Lunar New Year).  Anh Dao also grows in Viet Nam but Mai is the official Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) celebration flower.

Peaches are... dear to San An for reasons made in book one.  White peaches also stand for longevity.

Red is for luck and yellow/gold for wealth.

Red envelopes are given during this holiday and contains... cash!  (cha-ching!)

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