Saturday, March 24, 2018

JET Programme Results: Teaching English Abroad

Hey everyone,

I've mentioned in a few posts about looking for a new job because I can't stand mine anymore.  Last year, I applied to JET Programme (teaching English in Japan).  It's a government-sponsored program so there's a lot of support and they might even pay for housing.  The salary would be a substantial decrease from what I'm making now but I feel like... I need to go.  I used to hear those people who quit their well-paying, stable job to do something reckless and thought, "You people are crazy!"  Now that I'm older... I kind of get it.  Life is too short.  What do I want out of it?  Work in the same job to make money to one day maybe retire after paying off a crippling mortgage, that is... if I don't first keel over from a heart attack or totally lose it from dealing with a-holes at work?  I've thought about this for a while and I don't want to look back when I'm sixty and think... "Man, I should have done that."  I'd rather say... "I totally did that!"  Working abroad has always been an interest.  It wouldn't be a permanent move, but it would be a change of view.  The grass is always greener on the other side kind of deal.

Anyhow, yesterday, I got the results.  I didn't get the job but I also wasn't denied.  JET put me in limbo... I'm an alternate.  If from now until December, someone drops the gig, they might call me.  The ambiguity is absurd but I guess it comes with the job.  Thing is, with ambiguity comes doubt.  Now, I'm wondering if I should just stay and find another job here, lol. The pumped up feeling is fading.  Hmm, I'll let you know when I hear back.  If I get to go, I might start a whole new otome series about an MC teaching English in Japan.  ;)

Good night, all.  ~Sleep well.
~Lenne Penry

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!  

Have fun and stay safe out there!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March Update

Hey everyone,

Hope you're doing well. 

I've been wasting a lot of electricity lately by getting all hyped up, turning on my computer and then staring blankly at the screen for hours.  I have no idea where this story is going and when I manage to get a few sentences out, end up writing my characters into a corner.  The fourth book to Polaris is giving me lot of heartache--or maybe more like heartburn.  I think I'm trying to incorporate too many background stories from side characters that it's taking up space.  Almost 400 pages in and I feel like I need another 500 after rewriting about 150.  These books keep getting longer because the characters have more to say.  Also, I'm not really feeling the "spark" between my MC and the guys, probably because these guys are more the tsundere types, and that spark is hard to create when the MC, despite being hot-headed, isn't particularly a warm character either.  She's kind of a tsundere sometimes so then we have three tsundere characters looking awkwardly at one another (or maybe ignoring each other) at this dull party full of wallflowers.  Oh boy... Needless to say, I don't think this book will be done by July unless I have an epiphany.

I do have some ideas for the CGs though.  I had the image of Mizuki from the Ninja Destiny otome in my mind for Ying but Ying is said to have long tuffs of hair while Mizuki's is short.  Plus, Ying is older (~35 yrs old) and I wanted to go with the realistic art again instead of anime-ish art so he won't end up looking much like Mizuki.  Yue will be even more difficult because he's supposed to be super hunky and um... I'm not sure if I can pull the art off on that but I will try.  Just keep in mind he's supposed to be super hunky ;)

Lastly, I'm wondering if I should be nice and keep the book light and airy or go a little dark and start chopping off characters like a Shakespeare play.  Demons and Demon Slayers were covered in the last full volume while Huang Nu were mentioned in the volume 3.5.  This book is supposed to delve farther into the Huang Nu's bloodline history which is kind of dark and sad.  It is an otome though and not a Romance of the Three Kingdoms type book.  Maybe I'll save the Shakespeare thing for my own version an epic Chinese warring states tale later on.  Who knows?  I'm just throwing out ideas, folks.  Feel free to comment.

Other than working on the book, I just found out my employers approved my request to bum off another team's conference trip and I'll be spending Spring Break somewhere nice... wearing a suit and listening to a 12-hr symposium.  Oh well, better than nothing.  I can still run to the beach afterwards and maybe take a couple of pictures.

One last note, just a reminder that if you would like to do an honest review for one of my books, look me up on Amazon and let me know your email address via Twitter (@lennepenry) along with the book title you'd like to review.  I'll send you a redemption code.  I'd also appreciate it. <3

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