Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Polaris Walkthrough

I've just posted the Polaris walkthrough for those interested in the top tabs.  No more hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing worries when it comes to making it through the book!

**Also I added a new tab titled "Read My Works."  This links to my Amazon Author's page.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

2016 New Year Resolutions

Hi there,

It's that time again!  Time to make a list of things to aim for in the new year and hopefully keep them.  Please feel free to share some of your goals too.

Here are my 2016 goals:

Personal Goals
  1. Lose 20 pounds (I say this every year but I'll try to Wii Fit those pounds off this time!)
  2. Pass a few certifications so I can find a better job; maybe these:
    1. CCISP
    2. SAS Basic Programming 
    3. A+ Certificate
  3. Find a better job ;)
Publishing Goals
  1. Make $100+ from book sales.  In 2015, I made about $37 in royalty, both from sales and pages read through Kindle Unlimited book lending.  Guess that doesn't mean I can quit my job any time soon but I'm not giving up just yet.  I thank you to those who have given my works a chance and hope that I can count on your support in the future.  I'm a noob at this publishing thing but I'll keep working to get better.
  2. Expand exposure of my books.  For #1 to happen, I need to find better ways to market.  Word of mouth really help too so please if you have the chance, spread the word about Lenne Penry!
  3. Publish three books from my new otome-style series: Poetess Xuan.  The first book hopefully to go out in January.
  4. Publish the second book to Malphas.
  5. Publish a the alternate paths to Polaris.  Still can't decide if Han Bei/Jin or Bai Hu/Yue paths should go first.  If you have a fav, let me know.
As always, thanks for reading!  And please, share your goals.

-Lenne Penry

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Score

Hi there,

Let's compare notes.  Did anyone get anything good for Christmas?  Please share, even if you received a lump of coal cuz... I'm nosy.  And, let's keep it PG13.

Here's my Christmas score:
1. Hello Kitty Pajamas (sweet!)
2. Numi Organic Tea: Earl Grey and Pu Erh
3. A Hori battle pad for the Nintendo Wii U
4. Puppeteer Video Game
5. Gifts I bought for myself cuz... I wanted to: Arwen's Evenstar pendant and Dragon Age Inquisition

-Lenne Penry

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Festivus and everything else you may celebrate this season!

Shall We Date apps: Leo & Joel

Hi Readers,

For those fans of Shall We Date apps, what do you think of the new characters Joel (Wizardess Heart) and Leo (The Niflheim)?

My darn tablet had to be reset several times so I kept losing data and had to restart from scratch... which means I haven't been able to finish their story lines but I like them so far.  These are two of their better otomes from Shall We Date apps in my view.

Joel's story line immediately made me think of Malphas from my recent book; ie, Liz Hart met Joel from childhood when he cross-dressed as a girl (June) while the MC from my book, Rosaline, met Malphas when he possessed a girl named Jenny and they were bffs for a year before he left.  Rosaline was eight years old.

In terms of Joel, I like this blunt style which makes him and Eress a pretty funny duo.  Even more hilarious is that Eress likes Professor Schuyler.  Well, who doesn't like Professor Schuyler?  I certainly do! *wink wink* ;)

Leo from the Niflheim is likable so far.  At least he knows what fidelity and loyalty mean unlike Jean at a first glance... but I also like Jean.  Leo's a more level-headed version of Jean; definitely calmer for the most part.  JJ is still my fav though.

And can we talk about the artwork of these games?  I'm so jealous!  CGs for my book will never look that good.  Every detail, to the flower in Leo's hair, is superb.  If only those story tickets would generate faster, I want those CGs!

On another note, Blood+Roses is coming out with a new character too.  Raymond, was it?  His story should be interesting.  Maybe they'll reveal what the heck happened to Harold besides from him just disappearing!

Anyhow, the best thing about writing otomes is that I can play them excessively and use the excuse of 'it's for research!'  So, for research, what are your favorite character archetypes?  Are Joel and Leo likable characters in your opinions?

Thanks for any feedback!
~Lenne Penry

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nerd Splurge

Here's my nerd splurge: Arwen's Evenstar!  Random thought since we're on LotR, Legolas is hawt.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Upcoming "otome-style" novel

Hi Readers,

Hope you're doing well.

Recently, I went back to work on an "otome-style" e-book I started a while ago.  Unlike Polaris, this will resemble a true otome; ie separated dialogues from paragraph texts and shorter scene descriptions than regular novels.  You'll still have the ability to make choices to advance the story which leads to different endings.  The reason I went back to this one is because well, I wanted to try drawing again.  Hopefully, this new set of doodles will be much better than the set from Polaris.

I know what you're thinking... "Lenne, wtf!  Stop starting new series and finish one already!"

Well, variety is the spice of life.  If my mind is stuck on this one, trying to write book two to that other one will end up making that other one sound a little angry; or angrier, I guess.  If you'd like to read book two to Polaris or Malphas, let me know and I'll put that on the priority list.  Otherwise, my wayward mind might wander far and wide.

Anyhow, for the upcoming "otome-style" ebook, production date is not yet slated.  I still have a lot left to do.  Just a little preview of the expected story line though, this one will be set in Viet Nam.  That's a little different, right?  Most otomes are set in Japan or China.  The "otome" will reference true historical figures, though very loosely.  Mainly, the famed poet Ho Xuan Huong will provide a heavy influence to the story (but she won't be in it).  More info to come.

To learn more about Ho Xuan Huong's poetry, I think this book does a decent job and the only one I know of that has attempted to translate her works to English:  "Spring Essence: The Poetry of Hô Xuân Huong" by John Balaban.

Now before folks get up in arms and complain that this is a terrible book to recommend since it doesn't capture Ho Xuan Huong's intentions (based on some reviews I've read); I have to say, who knows what Ho Xuan Huong's intentions are except for Ho Xuan Huong?  Remember that Rodney Dangerfield movie where he went back to college and hired Kurt Vonnegut to write his paper on Kurt Vonnegut's works... and received a bad grade because the professor thought the paper didn't understand Vonnegut?  Anyway, I'm not a poet though so I don't know what's good or bad poetry and we're all entitled to our opinions.  I read the text many years ago and didn't see anything wrong with it. Translating anything, especially really old texts from another culture, is extremely difficult to do while trying to keep the meaning similar so I have to give kudos to the author.  Well, that's my rant on that.  What I meant to say overall was... check out Ho Xuan Huong's poetry ;)

On another note, if you have ideas for an "otome-style" novel you'd like to read about, please feel free to make recommendations.

As always, thanks for reading!
~Lenne Penry

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Xmas Splurge

Well, I had decided that I would try to save my money this year instead of splurging on Christmas but the nerd in me couldn't help it.  I treated myself to Arwen's Evenstar costume jewelry piece ($10) and Dragon Age Inquisition ($15-video game).  Let's hope Christmas gets here quick before the nerd in me continues to tempt the shopper in me; because the accountant in me is going to have a fit come New Year!

Anyone out there bitten by the last minute shopping bug too?  See any good deals out there?

By the way... I saw Walmart selling Kingdom Hearts Remix 2.5 for $15; that's a darn good deal!  Should I go for it and then tape up the mouth of the accountant in me?  Anyone played it yet and would recommend?

~Lenne Penry 

Friday, December 11, 2015

New Series: Phylactery--Malphas

Hello Readers,

I'm pleased to announce that the first book in my new series  is available on Amazon Kindle.  As mentioned in a previous post, this will not be an "otome" style but a more traditional fantasy romance novel.

The book is titled Malphas under the series name Phylactery.
Please give my book a chance, especially if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription since you can read for free ;0)

Main Characters Intro:
Rosaline Iris Padalecki: The MC.  Twenty-eight years old. Employed in the IT department of Jeong Tech, an insurance firm.  Hates office politics but can't avoid being the target of the unruly and privileged office cliques.  Tends to be hardworking, reserved, sarcastic, and antisocial.  Malphas holds the contract to her soul.
Malphas: A demon who comes to collect Rosaline's contract on her twenty-eight birthday.  Through Rosaline's abrupt declaration, they strike up another deal.  Rosaline is immediate attracted to his human host though his demonic personality and demeanor is initially off-putting.
Ethan Merrick: The successful, charming, humanitarian and CEO of Allenby Inc. He's seems too good to be true.. and maybe he is.  What secrets are he hiding behind that million-dollar smile?

Story Summary/Description:

"Be careful what you wish for! Who knew that included birthday wishes?

Rosaline finds out the hard way when the demon Malphas comes to collect the debt on her 28th birthday.  To be freed from her contract, she will have to enter another.  While battling with the morality of becoming a demon's pawn, dealing with office politics, workplace bullying and trying to preserve her soul, Rosaline comes to a revelation.  To her surprise, and also his, there develops an unexpected bond.

However, aside from their rocky relationship, something more nefarious lurks behind the scene.  In the end, it comes down to one matter.  Can you really trust a demon?"

Below is the book info:
Title: Malphas
ISBN: 978-0-9966338-4-0
Amazon Paperback: $14.49 (I know that's high but the printer sets the price.  Go with the ebook if you can.)
Amazon Kindle: $2.99 or read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or through Kindle Owners Lending Library (this is available when you have an Amazon Prime account and a Kindle device).

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Lenne Penry

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Need help on a series title

Hi Readers,

I'm trying to determine which series title I should use for the next book release and would like your opinion.  So, without even knowing what the series is about, if you were shopping around for books on Amazon, which one of these would peak your interest to maybe stop and look?

Series name:
1. xxx book one of the series My Heart and Soul
2. xxx book one of of the series Phylactery
3. (Neither of the above is appealing)

Thanks for opinion!
Lenne Penry

Monday, November 16, 2015

November Update

Hello Readers,

It sure has gotten pretty cold lately though we've had a few nice windy days here and there where I'm at.  Thanksgiving's coming up so I'm excited to unintentionally gain some weight after the big meal and then passing out on the sofa. 

And you know what happens after the big meal; shopping! (Moth flies out of empty wallet...)  Oh, video games; I don't have time to play them but I need more!  I like Dragon Age, the Elder Scrolls & Samurai Warriors type games, any suggestions for a cheap one I might be able to swing for the PS3 or PS2 around $20 or less?  And please don't say Two Worlds (II) or I'll have to bang my head against a table.

Anyhow, I started working on the second set of paths for Polaris and ended up creating another series due to writer's block.  So... this second series started out as an reverse-harem ("otome") type deal and it just didn't work out that way.  It'll be more or less a "regular, don't-get-to-choose-your-guy" book.  I hope you'll at least like the guy.  I think I'm about half way done but I also might have written myself into a corner so... release date tbd; aiming for early December at the latest... because the story takes place near Christmas time.

This one is in a modern day type setting and I made the dialogue much easier to read compared to Polaris.  That includes more modern day cuss words too ;)

I'll definitely let you know once it's been released to Amazon and Kindle. I hope you'll check it out.

On another note.  Shall We Date Apps just put out the route for Willem on Ninja Assassin (otome)!  Can't wait to see what he's about!

Thanks for visiting!
Lenne Penry

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hi readers,

Happy Halloween (in about 5 hrs)!  Stay safe out there and have fun!

Can't wait to listen to ghost stories on Art Bell's radio show tonight!  I'll probably be in a sugar coma later today and possibly the entire weekend.

By the way, what are your ideal Halloween costumes, if you could dress up as anyone?

Me, I think Tifa from FF is pretty cool or maybe Sir Auron, also from FF, cuz he's awesome.  Would love to pull off Sephiroth but he's too pretty, haha!

Although... if I could get exact replica supporting male cast members, would go as Miaka Yuki from Fushigi Yuugi.  Only because I think Hotohori rules <3!

Thanks for visiting!
Lenne Penry

Friday, September 18, 2015

Polaris: Emperor of Nan Rong

Hello Readers,

Just wanted to announce that my "new" book is out, titled "Polaris: Emperor of Nan Rong."  Why is "new" in quotes?  Well, it is a modified version of the previous volume Polaris: Royal Path (San An), which I am removing from distribution.  As mentioned in a previous post, I couldn't split out Kang Lang's route without copying over 40+ chapters from San An's path since they are too intertwined.  Instead, one of San An's route was deleted (the sad one) and replaced with Kang Lang's along with other paths that lead to his endings.

That being said, the majority of the chapters prior to the endings are similar to the previous book with minor changes in some areas and additions in others.  Lastly, there are CGs.  In essence, this is my version of an otome; and, what's an otome without CGs, am I right?  My art skills can use some work, I'll admit that but hopefully with time and practice, I'll get better at this.

If you've previously read my first book, I apologize for this sort of 'reprint' and hope that you will give my "otome" another chance.  If you've never read it, please give it a try and I do appreciate feedback.

FYI: I started a new tab called "Polaris CGs," so if you don't mind spoilers, feel free to give it a glance.

Below is the book info:
Title: Polaris: Emperor of Nan Rong
ISBN: 978-0996633802
       Amazon Paperback: $20.99 (I know that's steep, but the printer sets the base price.  I'd advise going with the Kindle version if you can but I made the paperback version available just in case anyone's interested.  FYI, pictures in the physical book are not colored.)
       Amazon Kindle: $2.99 or read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or through Kindle Owners Lending Library (this is available when you have an Amazon Prime account and a Kindle device).

Thanks for visiting!
Lenne Penry

Friday, August 28, 2015

Random brag: grape harvest

Well, showing off my grape harvest.  Not bad for a $10 plant I bought two years ago, right?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Update on Polaris

Hi readers,

If you've had the chance to read through my last book Polaris: Royal Path (San An), I just wanted to say thanks.  On another note, try not to hate me.  I'm reprinting San An's story but combining it with Kang Lang's.  After much headache, I realized it's nigh impossible to split them apart without pretty much copying and pasting about 40+ chapters from San An's over to Kang Lang's.  They are too intertwined.  That being said, I'm hoping to release the new book sometime in the next month or two, if time permits.  It will be under a new ISBN because there are new materials and revisions.

What I am expecting to do is delete one of San An's ending (the super sad one) and adding in two endings for Kang Lang  and various choices to lead to his path.  I'm also looking to add CGs for each good ending which will be in color for the ebook but black and white for the physical copy.  The reason is, with Createspace, the interior must be designated as all black/white or color and to do color for a 600+ page book would equate to the price skyrocketing to some insane amount.

I really wanted to add Jin's story in too but his went off on a tangent and would probably make the final book over 1000 pages.  That's a little much, right?  I'm hoping to get his story along with Han Bei's out by December.

Random question: Do you find that picking between two guys is better or playing through one guy's storyline at a time is better?  Any feedback is appreciated.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Shall We Date: Blood+Roses Jack

Anyone else playing Blood+Roses from Shall We Date apps?  I haven't made it very deep into Jack's route but he's my favorite so far.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Polaris Comic for Fun: Boy Love

Posting some Polaris comic doodles for fun.  This one is title 'Bao Lai likes bl!'
In this scene: He Pi, Kang Lang and Bao Lai.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Book 1: San An's Route


My new reverse-harem novel is now available on Amazon as a physical book and also for Kindle.  Please check it out. 

Title:  Polaris: Royal Path: San An (Volume 1)
ISBN-10: 1514366819
Description: Bao Lai is mistaken for His Majesty, He Pi, who is missing. Taken in as his temporary substitute, political unrest ensues. While attempting to maintain peace for Nan Rong, the men in His Majesty's life are projecting unusual behaviors toward Bao Lai, but is it because she's a woman or because of her resemblance to He Pi?

Pick the path to happiness in this reverse-harem genre novel.