Saturday, August 22, 2015

Update on Polaris

Hi readers,

If you've had the chance to read through my last book Polaris: Royal Path (San An), I just wanted to say thanks.  On another note, try not to hate me.  I'm reprinting San An's story but combining it with Kang Lang's.  After much headache, I realized it's nigh impossible to split them apart without pretty much copying and pasting about 40+ chapters from San An's over to Kang Lang's.  They are too intertwined.  That being said, I'm hoping to release the new book sometime in the next month or two, if time permits.  It will be under a new ISBN because there are new materials and revisions.

What I am expecting to do is delete one of San An's ending (the super sad one) and adding in two endings for Kang Lang  and various choices to lead to his path.  I'm also looking to add CGs for each good ending which will be in color for the ebook but black and white for the physical copy.  The reason is, with Createspace, the interior must be designated as all black/white or color and to do color for a 600+ page book would equate to the price skyrocketing to some insane amount.

I really wanted to add Jin's story in too but his went off on a tangent and would probably make the final book over 1000 pages.  That's a little much, right?  I'm hoping to get his story along with Han Bei's out by December.

Random question: Do you find that picking between two guys is better or playing through one guy's storyline at a time is better?  Any feedback is appreciated.


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