Thursday, December 24, 2015

Shall We Date apps: Leo & Joel

Hi Readers,

For those fans of Shall We Date apps, what do you think of the new characters Joel (Wizardess Heart) and Leo (The Niflheim)?

My darn tablet had to be reset several times so I kept losing data and had to restart from scratch... which means I haven't been able to finish their story lines but I like them so far.  These are two of their better otomes from Shall We Date apps in my view.

Joel's story line immediately made me think of Malphas from my recent book; ie, Liz Hart met Joel from childhood when he cross-dressed as a girl (June) while the MC from my book, Rosaline, met Malphas when he possessed a girl named Jenny and they were bffs for a year before he left.  Rosaline was eight years old.

In terms of Joel, I like this blunt style which makes him and Eress a pretty funny duo.  Even more hilarious is that Eress likes Professor Schuyler.  Well, who doesn't like Professor Schuyler?  I certainly do! *wink wink* ;)

Leo from the Niflheim is likable so far.  At least he knows what fidelity and loyalty mean unlike Jean at a first glance... but I also like Jean.  Leo's a more level-headed version of Jean; definitely calmer for the most part.  JJ is still my fav though.

And can we talk about the artwork of these games?  I'm so jealous!  CGs for my book will never look that good.  Every detail, to the flower in Leo's hair, is superb.  If only those story tickets would generate faster, I want those CGs!

On another note, Blood+Roses is coming out with a new character too.  Raymond, was it?  His story should be interesting.  Maybe they'll reveal what the heck happened to Harold besides from him just disappearing!

Anyhow, the best thing about writing otomes is that I can play them excessively and use the excuse of 'it's for research!'  So, for research, what are your favorite character archetypes?  Are Joel and Leo likable characters in your opinions?

Thanks for any feedback!
~Lenne Penry

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