Sunday, January 31, 2016

Poetess Xuan Book 1: Huy's Route

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My new "otome" e-novel is now available on Amazon Kindle.  Please check it out.

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Title:  Poetess Xuan: Huy (Volume 1)
ISBN: 978-0-9966338-7-1

Ho Xuan, granddaughter of the famed poet Ho Xuan Huong, is living in her predecessor's shadow.  When Governor Tien of Hai Phong proclaims that whosoever can impress his daughter My Duong, a fervent fan of Ho Xuan Huong, through his writing talents will win her hand in marriage, Xuan's shop becomes flooded with scholars.

Amongst My Duong's ambitious suitors, three distinguishable men seek Xuan's attention: an opportunistic monk, the princely illegitimate son of Governor Tien, and a composed fellow who looks like a scholar in every sense of the word (a true nerd, if nothing else).  Beyond their differentiate motives for invading Xuan's shop, all three men are somehow connected to an old murder case in Nam Ha. 

Never did Xuan realize Governor Tien's one proclamation would come to change her life and force her out from behind the shadows and into the center of an old conflict.  In the process, Xuan comes to understand her predecessor, herself and the meaning of devotion.
Pick your path in this "otome-style/reverse-harem" novel to find happiness.  In this volume, Huy's routes are available with CGIs included.

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