Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Random Discussion: Making Money from Home

Hi Readers,

I've been finding ways to make extra cash online for a little less than a year now.  I mean, free money, who doesn't want it, right?  ISBNs aren't cheap and I need money for marketing campaigns.  Speaking of which, I may be looking to give out a few free ebooks in exchange for a legit review for my new upcoming "otome-style" novel (if anyone's interested, let me know).

I will outline three of the ways I've made money so far.  Not a lot, but hey, more than I had before.

First off, let me say that yes for the survey websites and such, they are safe in my opinion but they do direct you to other websites.  How safe those are... who knows.  That's why I use an old tablet that doesn't have anything personal on it and I don't mind losing all the data if I have to reset the darn thing to the manufacturer's setting.

Second, it can be tedious and hair-pulling (ly?) annoying.  That means if you don't have patience, probably not a good way to earn cash because you might be inclined to destroy your mobile device; especially for surveys that wait until the very end, after you've answered all their questions, to collect demographic info just to kick you off the survey and not pay you.

Lastly... they may not be available everywhere.  You'd have to check their policies.

Here's what I've used:

These guys/gals have been around for a while and I've redeemed $25 in giftcards last year (I started late).  I especially love some of the offers they have.  The most recent one I used was to buy a pair of glasses from Adlens for $36.99 and Swagbucks credit my account back for $50!  Another recent offer was to sign up to Spotify for three months for $0.99 and Swag gave back $5.00.  This was a subscription; I canceled after getting my bucks because I didn't want to get hit with the renewal fee but some folks liked it enough to keep it.  Offers can vary. Check their fine print.

Aside from surveys, deals, searches, sweepstakes, etc... I like the cash back for shopping online.   That doesn't mean spend a boatload of money to get pennies back but it does mean if I need to buy something anyway, why not get cash back?

Here's the link:
or if you'd be kind enough to use my referral link so that I earn points when you earn points, please use this link:
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Cash Crate
This one pays straight up money and is mostly earned from surveys.  They have some good offers, not many, and I tend to stick to surveys.  They'll either send a check to your house or through paypal.  You need at least $20 before they pay out and it's once a month.  Meaning if in January you made $20, you'll get your check in February.  I received two paychecks from them so far which were cashed successfully so I'll say they are legit.  Their helpdesk does respond if you run into a problem too, which is great.
Here's the link:

Bing Rewards
This one is basic.  Log into Bing daily, search to earn points through your computer and mobile phone.  Trade points in for gift cards, sweepstakes or donate to a charity.  They used to let most accounts earn 25+ points per day but recently, it could vary to as low as 15 for new accounts.  I've averaged about $5/month; that's an extra $60 a year in gift card.  Not bad at all.

Here's the link:
*Points are earned on computer and mobile device (meaning to get a full day's point, you'll have to download their app) and a legit cell number is required.  I tried VoIP and it did not work.

Thanks for reading my random discussion!

-Lenne Penry