Thursday, January 28, 2016

Update on Poetess Xuan

Hello there,

Here's an update on my latest project:

I'm working on the last pieces of the new Poetess Xuan series; Huy's route will go out first.  This ebook will mimic the style of an otome ie, choose different paths throughout the story, CGIs at certain scenes and all good endings, and separated dialogue texts from scene descriptions.  I'm doing a final round of edit as well as adding in one last CG just because I want to show off my drawing skills (however unskilled my skills may be).

As mentioned in a previous post, this "otome" style ebook will be set in Viet Nam, circa 1845 (give or take a decade).  The MC is Ho (last name meaning "Lake") Xuan (first name meaning "Spring"), the granddaughter of the famed poet Ho Xuan Huong.

Here's a sneak peak of the characters.  More to come!

Thanks for visiting!

~Lenne Penry

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