Monday, February 22, 2016

Random Post: Dragon Age Inquisition

Update: I have finished DA:I and I give it a 4/5.  Good game.  Could have used more Cullen (Cully-Wully!)  <3

Hi Readers,

Time for another random discussion.  Instead of working on that next Polaris book (like I should), I've been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Though I purchased a copy of Inquisition before last Christmas, just now got around to playing it.  As far as I know, this is the third main title, the first two being Dragon Age: Origins and just plain old Dragon Age II.

I started the DA series because The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was fantastic; got addicted to it and wanted to try other games in the same genre since Skyrim wasn't out at the time and didn't have a good enough computer for Morrowind.  DA Origins had the Ultimate Edition pack which contains the game, all the DLCs and an expansion pack.  I'm not paid to endorse this game but I do think it's worth the $20 if you're into the genre.

DA Origins was a little clunky;  the fighting and load issues were enough to pull your hair out at times but the story line and character development (especially Alistair) was great.  I can't think of another game where I went from wtf is this lagging nonsense to crying my eyes out over a character I grew so fond of (Alistair again!)  There was a dark air about the game.  Whether that was due to the environment's layout, the story line which focused around destruction and chaos with a sliver of light (it is the Blight after all), the unabashed violence and disturbing scenes of the broodmother in Orzammar or the quirky/charming characters with semi messed up childhoods, I'm not sure... maybe all of the above.  For this awesomeness, the lagging and crappy load issues can be overlooked.

DA II was a little better in terms of loading and the fighting was also less stiff.  However, the story telling took a step backward.  Didn't particularly care for the characters since they were all too one-dimensional (and none of them came close to Alistair! <3).  Did I mention Alistair is my favorite?  This game would have been great if it didn't seem like they were trying to cater to everyone and had instead stuck to the original idea.  I mean, yeah, I get it, the Blight isn't the big issue in this game but somehow it's cupcakes and rainbows compared to DA Origins.  The atmosphere of the game was just a little too perky, as if they (the developers) were smiling forcefully because someone was wagging a finger at them.  Anyone else felt this?

Any who, the point of this super random post was about Inquisition.  They brought back the crappy load issues and laggy fighting from DA Origins and the one-dimensional people from DA II.  (Yay!) Now that may sound bad, and it is kind of annoying, but the story line isn't bad.  All the "good guys" (Templars and Grey Wardens) are now being corrupted for one reason or other so it's up to the Inquisition to bring back order.  And, it's nice to see mages freed, for the most part, and not locked up in Circles, though some of them prefer that.  The game is massive with lots of side quests, which is one reason for the lag but they're not too terrible.  I haven't finished the game but so far, I like it better than DA II.

And yes, spoiler alert, Solas is Fen'Harel (couldn't help but look up the ending on the tube).  I really hope they put that in a new full game instead of an expansion pack.  Did I mention how much I hate DLCs and expansion packs?

Thus concludes my random post/rant about Inquisition.  Maybe I'll rage about Inquisition some more once I finish the game.

Side Notes:
- The romances of my choice this time... Solas and Cullen (the nerd and inexperienced jock).
- My favorite quote so far is from Sera: "Cully-Wully... Lost too many men under him.  Needs a woman over him."

Any thoughts on this game or have other games like this that you can recommend?  Please feel free to share.

Thanks for reading!
-Lenne Penry

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