Monday, March 28, 2016

March Update

Hello there Readers,

As you may have noticed, I added a new tab for Polaris characters profiles.  I only have San An and Kang Lang posted so far.  Hopefully the others will come soon when I have time.  Let me know what you think.

So, for Polaris, I went back and added more face time with Shu Jin and sort of changed the story a little so I have a lot of rewriting to do before I can even move the story forward to the climax, denouement and endings.  I'm still contemplating 3 good endings total.  Still have the CGs to do and rework the hyperlinks.  I'm guessing late April at the earliest for production, more likely May.  One thing I'll have to consider is the page count, right now I'm sitting over 400 pages... which means this one might exceed its predecessor and hit 700-800 pages.  I'd shrink the font but that's probably not a good idea.

On another note, I'm hoping my art will look a little better this time.  I've been using a $25 drawing tablet I bought some years ago that doesn't have any pen sensitivity and the drawing space is a little stiff... which is why a lot of my pictures seem a little stiff.  Hey, make what you have work right?  In a previous post, I went into making money from home and through those methods, I managed to save enough Bing points and Swagbuck points to trade for about $80 in Amazon gift cards. Which means... I can finally upgrade my drawing tablet.  Still feuding between Huion for the awesome drawing space and sensitivity pressure but Wacom has the Intuos and Wacom is known to last pretty long.  If you have a preference or experience with these two, please let me know your recommendation.  Some pros out there are always pushing the Wacom Pro drawing tablet but I just don't have the $400 to shell out on that.

In terms of sales,  my last work, Poetess Xuan: Huy, wasn't particularly liked.  I saw many folks quit the read-through at less than 20 pages which I'm guessing is due to the "otome-wannabe" formatting (at least I'm hoping that's why and not because of the story).  Live and learn.  I won't be continuing with that format.  I probably made $6 this month from Polaris: Emperor of Nan Rong and another $3 from Poetess Xuan.  They're going into my "quit my job" fund.  So, thank you for your support.

My goal after the second Polaris is completed is to start a book for the Kindle Scout program and maybe earn a contract.  Still debating on a subject; I have two in mind.  Tell ya about them later.  ;0)

Finally, I've been watching the old X-Files episodes.  Am I the only one who thought Alex Krychek and Jeffrey Spender would have made a perfect yaoi story (if Cigarette Man hadn't off Spender)?  And yes... I like BL.  I admit it. <3

These are all the updates I have for now.

Thanks for visiting!
-Lenne Penry

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