Monday, April 4, 2016

Random Post: Wacom Mole

So... I decided to buy the Wacom drawing tablet even though I'm sure I would have loved the larger drawing area for Huion.  I need something that will last so I'd get my money's worth.  Of course, I've never used either but after reading some reviews out there, I figured a well-known brand is worth a shot.  If not, back it'll go. 

And now... I might rage a little.  Amazon had the "new model" of Intuos Draw (the pretty blue one I wanted) for the same price as the "old model" white one (about $70).  I thought this was standard so I had time to decide between it and the Huion.  Went on their website yesterday and now it's $95!  The white one is still $70 and the blue "new model" is now $25 more, which makes me think Amazon had it mispriced for a while.  And I... missed my chance!  Darn it!  Grrr!  This is why I can't have nice things!

Phew... got that out of my system!

On another note, I'm going to put the new tablet to work once I get it and I'll let you know how well it functions.  My expectation is pretty low considering I've been using a 5-year-old, $25 tablet, with no pen sensitivity.  Wacom should be able to beat that by a mile.  If it turns out to be another disappointment then Huion, here I come!

I'm also planning to start a small shop on to put the Wacom to good use; maybe earn enough to upgrade to the pro version five years from now.  More details to come.  If you're interested in having your pictures drawn by yours truly, then please stay in touch.  I may even draw you as... a cat :3

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-Lenne Penry

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