Monday, May 2, 2016

Random Post: Cool Stones!

Hi all,

This is one of those random posts I write from time to time, or more recently, all the time.

So... in the next book, Polaris: Empress of Ning, I'm referencing the stone obsidian because black is the color of Ning's pride and power.  However, I was researching for another stone/crystal that is also black and can be be mistaken for obsidian (will be made clear in the book) so I googled "black crystal" and the first thing that caught my eyes was black tourmaline, which grows in areas with water and is traditionally used to for protection and to dispel negativity.  I thought it fitting since the "mistaken obsidian" marble Bao Lai (the MC) carries was said to provide protection by Master Tai Hung... this was before I knew about black tourmaline.  Coincidence!  Love it when fabricated ideas somehow take similar shapes in reality, don't you?

Once I discovered what black tourmaline was about and since it will also give me that link to my MC, I went on Amazon and found black tourmaline beads which I intend to make a set of jewelry from.  Then, by chance, I found snowflake obsidian... so pretty.  Apparently it's regular black obsidian with splotches of white caused by formations of cristobalite, a form of silica?  Maybe, I'll make a few pieces of jewelry from both and post them on my Etsy shop too.

This is what snowflake obsidian looks like.

Anyhow, that's the gist of my random post for today.  I learned about these two cool stones from researching ideas for my book which I hope you'll look up next time you're shopping online, or more appropriately, while reading at your local library.  The more you know!  (Feels like a PBS episode).

If I feel any difference in the negativity level, I'll be sure to make an endorsement.

-Lenne Penry