Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tribute to my Dog: Rest in Peace Mr. Lucky

In many Asian cultures, the dog symbolizes the last life cycle one must travel through as repentance before reincarnating into a human.  Some even believe they are our ancestors come back to protect us and therefore, should be left to fully finish the cycle.  I was hoping to let my dog go in his own time but he was in pain.

Yesterday, my dog, Lucky, of almost 14 years had to be put down.  He was really old and sickly; couldn't recover from his last surgery.  Lucky was the best dog ever; protected me and mine all his life in our less than safe neighborhood.  Had his leg broken and someone even tried to knife the poor thing in the middle of the night when he stood guard.  Never did discover the culprit but at least they were kept out by man's best friend.

In life, he was a happy pup and in his teenage years, a rebellious mutt.  In his adult years, he was a good comrade and in his old age, a constant friend.  I will miss you, Mr. Lucky.  May you find peace.

His favorites: country music, squeaky toys and meat!
His dislikes: fireworks and ice cream truck music.

Him in his earlier happy and healthy years :)


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Polaris: Book 2 Draft

Wow, how many months has it been since I last pushed out a book? January was the last time, I think?  Back then, I already had most of the second book of Polaris started and now, six months later, I finally finished the first draft of it. This one was difficult I tell ya, don't know why since I like both Jin and Han Bei very much.  Maybe I liked them too much because the book is going to be over 800 pages (give or take 20 pages after I edit and add in CGIs).

I started to make Han Bei too romantic and Jin turned out jerky so I did a lot of rewrite to even out their likability a bit more.  Now they feel equal... or maybe Jin turned out a little bit better.  I don't know. Tell me what you think once I push it to production.

So, if you've read the first book, a warning that until page 168 or so (depending on page compression), the second book will mostly be the same as the first book.  That is, Jin's and Han Bei's story lines follow the original path for San An and Kang Lang until this chapter.   If I could put all the routes together into a ten-thousand page book, this scene is where the "otome" novel splits between the first and second book.  (I inserted a link to skip ahead in the ebook for your convenience).

In the first book where Bao Lai confessed her love for Jin in the peach garden and he responded by leaving, is where the second book truly begins.   I won't give too much away but let's just say that Kang Lang's comments in Emperor of Nan Rong about the typical man who become "jealous with passion" is true about Jin.  In book one, she confessed her love and he ran away.  In the second, this scene specifically, she decides to take Kang Lang's deal and that leads to Jin's passionate jealousy, setting the stage for new players in the routes.

Now comes the editing part and the CGI part.  This might take another month or two depending if I slack off.  (I'll try not to slack off).

After this, the third set of routes will no longer follow Bao Lai's role at Nan Rong's court.  She'll briefly be there to set the stage for the other romances but her life will be outside palace walls.  Still deciding who to pit against whom.  Yue vs. Hu or Hu vs. Hai?  Well, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Need to finish Jin vs. Han Bei first.  :)

More to come.

Lenne Penry