Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tribute to my Dog: Rest in Peace Mr. Lucky

In many Asian cultures, the dog symbolizes the last life cycle one must travel through as repentance before reincarnating into a human.  Some even believe they are our ancestors come back to protect us and therefore, should be left to fully finish the cycle.  I was hoping to let my dog go in his own time but he was in pain.

Yesterday, my dog, Lucky, of almost 14 years had to be put down.  He was really old and sickly; couldn't recover from his last surgery.  Lucky was the best dog ever; protected me and mine all his life in our less than safe neighborhood.  Had his leg broken and someone even tried to knife the poor thing in the middle of the night when he stood guard.  Never did discover the culprit but at least they were kept out by man's best friend.

In life, he was a happy pup and in his teenage years, a rebellious mutt.  In his adult years, he was a good comrade and in his old age, a constant friend.  I will miss you, Mr. Lucky.  May you find peace.

His favorites: country music, squeaky toys and meat!
His dislikes: fireworks and ice cream truck music.

Him in his earlier happy and healthy years :)


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