Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ninja Shadow: Her One and only Love Otome

So... I've been playing the new otome on the app store: Ninja Shadow: Her One and only Love.  I have to say, it's much better than the other ninja otomes I've played so far.  The MC isn't the pretty perfect girl every guy is predisposed to love.  She kind of reminds me of my MC, Bao Lai, especially for the cross-dressing aspect, but toned down.  The male characters aren't too perfect either and they actually fall for the MC for reasons beyond her abilities to do house chores, unlike the predecessor game, Ninja Assassin.  Overall, the characters are more likable.

I've only finished Asagi's route so far.  He's a little similar to Aoi from Ninja Assassin but again, more likable.  Looking forward to reading all the other routes.

If you've played this otome, tell me what you think.

Update: Anyone else find it strange that Ed is considered unique and stands out for his foreign blonde hair and purple eyes when the MC is also blonde and has purple eyes but that's normal?  Hmmm.

From reading the four routes so far, I've concluded that I will like Makoto best (whenever his route comes out).  Just my type, haha!

~ Lenne Penry

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