Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Looking for New Reviewers for Empress of Ning

Hi all,

I'm pretty much finished with everything for Polaris: Empress of Ning except review the final chapters again and edit hyperlinks... that means I'll be sending the second book to Polaris to production soon (hopefully this week!). 

I'm looking for legit reviewers in exchange for a free digital copy of the book.  You'll need to have an account with Amazon in order to redeem the download code.  Please message me if you're interested or leave a DM on my Twitter @LennePenry.

In the case that you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription or Amazon Prime and an Amazon tablet/Kindle Reader, you can already read my otome novels for free.  I'd appreciate it if you'll give my book a chance and leave an honest review.

In case the list of volunteers become long, the ones who can answer most of these questions about the first volume will be moved to the top.

1. What was the present Kang Lang bought for Bao Lai in the markets?
2. Which color does Bao Lai disklike?
3. Who is He Pi engaged to?
4. What is Wang Liang's real name?

5. Who's the eldest, San An, Shu Jin or He Pi?

~Lenne Penry

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