Thursday, September 29, 2016

Otome Rant: Ninja Destiny 2 by Shall We Date? Apps Semi-Review

Finally!  They (Shall We Date? Apps) have put out Yayoi's route for Ninja Destiny 2.  Why am I excited?  Because I have higher expectations for Yayoi's story than the others... can't do much worse than some of the ones before (*cough* Ran *cough* Kiku!).

So, I'm not critiquing this based on an "otome" author's snooty idea of a good story because let's face it, my reader base will never be as high as Shall We Date? app's so it's apparent who writes better.  This eval is from someone who's played and enjoyed many of Shall We Date? apps.

This game was one of the more visually appealing ones they've put out and that's probably why I keep going back to it despite the incongruous story.  The MC is a weakling who carries a sword and boasts about ninja training she never uses.  All the love interests are predisposed to love her based on having known her for most of her life, or at least like her very much and suddenly during this trial before her coming of age, falls madly in love.

The plot in short: Yamato Island (ie Japan it seems) will be destroyed unless she dies by her coming of age birthday by the hands of her chosen beloved who has to also be related to one of the original ninja her ancestor, Ayame the First, traveled with from the predecessor otome, Ninja Destiny.

She and her chosen mate has to find a way to break this requirement in order to live happily ever after.  Fine base to build a story, except some of the methods to break this requirement (which varies) are a little dubious.  In one version, she has to purify the original maiden, another, purify orochi, gets "devoured" by orochi, saved by the silver snake, is stabbed by Kaito's special flames, etc.

More annoying, the reason she falls for any of these ninja is as bland as the reason they fall for her.  A few examples of why they fall for her aside from the fact that she's super PRETTY and upbeat are:
  • Rindoh's been in love with her for a long time because she met him when she was a little kid (he wasn't a child btw) and raised his spirit when he was down in the fifteen minutes that they were together.  Okay, pedo. 
  • Ran loves her because she told him his mis-matched eyes are pretty. 
  • Kikyo loves her because she tells him that he's not deficient to Kaito.
  • Kaito loves her because... seems like he's always liked her.
If only it were that easy to make hot guys fall for me... 

Anyway, the routes become friskier each time, from describing a kiss to hot tongue entanglement and getting naked often with kisses to the gullet described as the nape for some reason.  After she spent hot steamy nights with them, still blush at something mundane like touching hands.  Considering how easily she blushes at every little thing, it's surprising she's not in love with them all at once since, the man whom she falls for seems to make her heart race.  And this is practically the basis for her falling in love... "heart race therefore I must be in love."  

I have high cholesterol and my heart races when I eat pizza... guess that means I must be in love with Pizza Hut. 

Yayoi seems like a tall, hot nerd with a short temper, although very caring and somewhat clumsy.  I find that endearing so I hope his story will turn out well.  I'll update my review once I finish his route.

Ta-ta for now.


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