Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Random Post: Rental BFs by OKKO Sweet Romance

So... this otome, Rental Boyfriends by OKKO, has been out for like what... a month now?  I'm so bad with dates.  What day is it?

It's pretty interesting if you haven't checked it out.  Basically, as the MC, your uncle Mokki falls ill from overworking himself.  When you visit him in the hospital with your bestie, finds out that he owns a rental boyfriend company calls Lipstick Kiss, and after some dramatic nonsense about this being his 'big secret,' decide to help out until he's better.  The firm of course, has a lot of hot guys on staff.

I chose Takeomi Shiina right off the bat cuz, I like the more mature type men over the cutesie boys.  Don't get me wrong, cute cartoon boys are great but I'm not a pedo... although, pretty sure all the 'boys' are over 18.  Takeomi is the sexy, mature, well-dressed, good-hygiene, successful type guy of the group, similar to Satsuki Kitaoji from Sleepless Cinderella except not quite as gentlemanly because his 'forceful' side is more open.  He was the MC's uncle love interest back when they were in college together while the MC also had a crush on Takeomi back when she was 14.  And yes, I said her uncle also loved Takeomi, ie, Mokki is gay.  It's cool that they added a suave gay uncle to the mix (I sure want one -.-); haven't seen that in any otome I've played.  So anyhow, the MC's prior crush for Takeomi turns obsessive and likewise, Takeomi doesn't see her as a little sister figure anymore since she's grown up.  There are still some cliche ideas like how MC impresses the love interest through being a hard worker, being reliable, turning red at everything he says and does as well as provoking his jealousy through being oblivious around other interested men. In general, there are a lot of cliche ideas overused for the MC, same as OKKO's other otomes.  Even so, the story is still interesting.  I find myself raging when they end on cliffhangers and make you wait 24 hours before the story tickets restore.

As for the topic of rental boyfriends, it seems to be becoming more prevalent these days (irl) except I think in realistic use, it's more for getting family off your back and not to feel like the only woman who matters in the world for a day.  It has to be awkward meeting someone for the first time and getting chummy right off the bat, especially if attraction isn't there.  Maybe one of these days I'll have to hire one... for research of course. *cough, cough*

Seriously though, if you've played the game, what do you like about it overall and what about the guys make for a good leading male?  I'm asking for my own real research.  Also, would you ever consider hiring one of these guys irl, whether just to see what's the big deal, to not have to show up at an event without a date, or just to get meddling relatives off your back?

Thanks for reading my random post!

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