Friday, October 28, 2016

Empress of Ning Kindle Countdown Deal

Hi Readers,

From Oct. 30 - Nov. 6, Empress of Ning will be available for $0.99 instead of the usual $2.99.  Trying out a promo to see if any interested readers will give it a try.  This will only be available on

Hope to have your support!


Monday, October 17, 2016

Polaris Book 3 Routes Update

Hi all,

Hope you're doing well!

I've been busy with my day job and wracking my brains for my night/weekend job (ie, putting together the third novel for Polaris).  Finally, I've decided to go with Bai Hu and Dui..yep, the physician who replaced Master Yu from the first book, that Dui.  So why Dui of all people?  Didn't think he would ever be a main guy?  Me neither.  Actually, while I worked on the first book, I had random ideas and jumped to different routes, one of which was Bai Hu's.  Somewhere along the way of writing Hu's route, Dui inserted himself, which was also the reason I added him to book 1--because I'd created him as a character for another route.  However, I didn't intend for Dui to become a main... it just sort of happened.  The more I thought about pitting Hu against Yue or Hu against Hai, the more I find Hu versus Dui more compatible.  So huh, Demon General vs physician... jock vs nerd... take your pick!

Currently, my story is too focused on Dui.  This is what happens when you write random things and then go back a year later... can't remember what was intended.  I had Hu as the shinning star and now he's phased out of the route so that's going to need extensive editing.  Nowhere close to done but just wanted to give an update.

Also, I've been looking at Fushigi Yuugi pictures again and then crying in a corner because my art will never come close to Miss Watase's.  And after crying about my lack of talent, then I just cried because I love Hotohori so much.  And then I laughed when I watched "Hang in there, Nakago."  Followed by more crying since I still love Hotohori so much.  And then I fell asleep from all the crying.  That was the gist of my weekend.  Yes, I know.  I don't have a life.  That's why I write about people who do.

Now I'm depressed.  See you later, folks.

~Lenne Penry

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ninja Destiny 2: Yayoi

I've finished Yayoi's route!  So, here comes the bashing!  Just kidding.  I like Yayoi in general, compared to the other guys in the story.  And, I should have known they'd introduce a new character in this seemingly last route of the story... Ibuki.   Although, I am curious if Kuroko will have his own route eventually.  Let's ignore them for now.

Again, the heroine plays a small part in her own route, watching from the side and being protected while she inspires the other characters through.... what I don't know.  Being radiant and positive?  At least they seem to emphasize so even though I don't see it.

The MC views Yayoi as a big brother and then once her heart starts racing at his touch, decides that she's in love with him, same as many of the previous stories as to how she ends up falling for the other male leads: through a racing heart.  Thank goodness she doesn't suffer from tachycardia else she'd believe she were in love with everyone and everything!  Her sisterly affection for Yayoi is supposed to hint at the previous game Ninja Destiny where the MC was in love with Sohma, her adopted brother whom she thought was her blood brother, but we won't go into that whole mess.  Yayoi is predisposed to love the MC so once she realized her racing heart was love, he was practically already in love with her too.  Still, I like his ingenuity for how to save her and have their happy ending.  I won't spoil the story by saying how.  Anyway, he's not super special like some of the other boys to have magical guardians or just the devil's luck to save him (even though... who wouldn't want that?).  Yayoi uses his mind, which as they say, is a terrible thing to waste and most of the characters seem to be wasting it.  He's not super strong, super powerful or super perverted like many of the others, which makes him one of the most "normal" guys in the group along with Kikyo.

Overall, I give Yayoi's route a 3.5 with 3.4 of that going to Yayoi himself and 0.1 to everything else. Might have given it a 3.55 if there weren't so many of these moments:
... "I need to tell you something important!"....
... It wasn't really all that important...

If you've played Yayoi's route, let me know your impressions!