Thursday, December 8, 2016

EVP Mediums and Malphas

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For those who likes ghost hunting shows, here's a good one I've been watching on YouTube: EVP Mediums (they also have a Facebook page).  They don't have a lot of viewers but I personally think they do a better job than the ones with funding on tv.  *cough, cough* Ghost Adventures!  Don't get me wrong, I like Ghost Adventures, but most of the time it's too dramatic for my taste.  I want to see the evidence captured, not watch theatrical displays by the camera-loving hosts.

EVP mediums use their own money to fund their projects, and they don't stalk out all night for ghosts to come by for a few EVPs.  These people get a lot of them from their many devices because they travel to active haunt sites and pass the spirits on.  Their evidence is compelling and they do ask spirits to show proofs they are there (ie, ask them to repeat a long word, ask them how many fingers they're holding up, ask them what a sign says, etc.).

You might wonder if they're getting so many EVPs, then wouldn't that mean they're faking it?  I don't think so.  If they are, then so are those guys on TV using pretty much the same or better devices.  And if they're all lying, it's still a good watch.  So this is my plug for EVP mediums.  Their episodes/campaigns are short, sweet and to the point.  The people are real; their reactions genuine and far from histrionic.

So then, to the second point of my post about Malphas.  What about him?  Well, I thought it was interesting since one of my previous books was titled "Malphas."  He is a famous demon (a prince of Hell) mentioned in several old texts, more notably, the Goetia.  Well, EVP Mediums went to check out one haunt site (a house) that the owner requested because she's afraid for her family.  During their walk-through, it seems the house has a portal and somehow Malphas was conjured there and he lives in the area of the house the spirits dubbed 'the Cave.'  The house was very active with human spirits who kept asking for help but the owner refused to let EVP Mediums do a passing because the kinder spirits are trying to protect her family... which is a strange idea since she must know spirits are trapped there when they pass... possibly including her if she stays, and that's a selfish thought to keep them grounded in misery.  Just my opinion.  However, the team couldn't do anything without the owner's permission, else that's trespassing.

In that campaign, Malphas's voice could be heard through the recorders and the stranger part is, the EVP team has now made an enemy out of him, especially Dave, the host.  Malphas has been following them throughout their new campaigns, taunting them, threatening them, trying to keep them from passing spirits over.  Dave is as calm as can be but grows increasingly disturbed whenever he hears that voice, which has a distinct tone all its own, and seems to target him.  This is indeed terrible for the team but at the same time, it is something that has never been captured on any other shows.

EVP Mediums continue to delve into the world of the paranormal, despite the threats, because they don't want to be intimidated.  Since they're regular folks with day jobs who do this in their free time with money from their own pockets, please like/subscribe to their YouTube channels if you happen to check them out.

As for Malphas, some theorists have wondered if Malphas is one entity, one entity that can be in multiple places at once (Quantum physics?) or a class of entities whose members all call themselves Malphas (the way humans classify themselves as Caucasian, Hispanic, African, Asian, etc.).  What they do know, is that Malphas is dangerous.  The way Dave suppresses his rage, fear and agitation whenever Malphas comes through the Spiritus, seems to point to the fact that there must be more happening off screen they won't say.  Scary stuff either way!

Anyway, this post if getting too long so I'll cut it off here.  Once again, if you're interested in paranormal investigations, this one is a must see.  Check out EVP Mediums on YouTube!


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