Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pompeii Exhibit!

Went to the Pompeii exhibit earlier today.  It was amazing!  Here are some pics I took.  So much of life in 79AD reminds me of modern day.  Hydraulic valves, folding tables, imported pottery from southern France, glass tumblers, braided gold jewelry, dinner tray tables to eat while lazing on the couch just like our current tv dinner tray tables but fancier, etc.  Also learned that in brothels, the women took Greek names to portray certain erotic fantasies, and these days strippers also use different names, mostly liquors and spice... not sure if Sinnamon counts as a spice though 😆.

Look at this sexy beast!  A bust of Augustus Caesar's nephew! <3

 Casts made of Pompeii's denizens in their final moments (including the poor puppy).

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