Friday, March 31, 2017

Random Post: Dumb Luck

Hey y'all,

Borrowed this book from my sister a while back and hadn't finished reading it until recently.  It's called "Dumb Luck" by Vu Trong Phung.  The whole thing is a satire; very comical and clever.  It's about a vagabond off the streets who, through unusual circumstances (more like stars aligning), finds his way to the upper classes... eventually saving Vietnam (sort of--gotta read it to know what I mean).  He's vulgar, real and hilarious.  Aside from his quirky story, the main character, Red-Haired Xuan, plays witness to upper classes fighting over the modern French colonial ways and Vietnamese traditions.  The illogical ways of the so called "open-minded intellectuals" clash with the street-smarts of Xuan to create a magnificent story.

Mind you, this book was written in the 1930's and was banned by the Vietnamese government for 50 years.  If the government doesn't want you to read something, it's probably good ;0)

I'm not sure how else to describe the book but it's definitely a good read if you have a chance.  However, minor warning: don't read it though if you are easily offended.

Amazon Link: Dumb Luck by Vu Trong Phung


~ Lenne Penry

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner

Hi everyone!

The third otome novel to the Polaris series is out, titled "Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner!"  Please check it out if you're interested!  Available on Amazon here (Link).

In this book, choose between General Bai Hu and Dr. Dui.

By chance, Bao Lai is mistaken for His Highness, He Pi, and as a result, becomes the Demon General's ward. However, something about him seems more than familiar and while the general denies any previous attachment, another part of his consciousness is vying to take over; one that seeks to end Bao Lai. 

During their rocky relationship, Dr. Dui enters to provide a helping hand but behind his lecherous exterior hides another problem no woman thus far can cure. 

Pick the path to happiness in this reverse-harem, otome-inspired genre novel. Routes are included for Dui and Bai Hu along with pictures for each ending. 

This novel contains alternate routes to Polaris: Emperor of Nan Rong and Polaris: Empress of Ning and therefore, can be read independently from volume 1 and 2

The links for story walthroughs and CGI's are below:


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Random Post: New Samurai Jack

Watching the new Samurai Jack, OMG!!!  So nostalgic... I feel like a teenager again.  Can't believe they brought it back but I'm glad.  Anyone else a fan?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Random Post: Leed's Diner

Hey you foodies and big eaters!  

Check out this monster from Leed's Diner if you're ever in the Kansas City area.  I heard of this place by chance and decided to try it out.  The first time, I had chicken fried chicken, ~$8 bucks with two huge sides and awesome toast (one of the daily specials).  The folks were really nice at this old-timey diner, the portions were huge and I liked the atmosphere, very blue collar type place.  Most importantly, very clean!  

I went for the double bacon cheeseburger and tots this time... a bit over $8, a totally good deal in my book.  Taste-wise, it was awesome!  They only open weekdays from 6AM-2PM (breakfast/lunch).  Parking is a little crowded unless you go a little after noon or just bring a friend to drive around while you go in and pick up the orders if you happen to call in.

Happy eating!