Thursday, April 13, 2017

April Update

Hey y'all,

Haven't really done much since I published the last Polaris route on the Ides of March (March 15th).  I started on a spin-off for Dui's true ending because I knew the last book didn't do him much justice though I'd intended it that way.  Dui played second chair to Bai Hu the entire novel so it didn't seem right for Bao Lai to fall head over heels for him then.  Besides, she needed to close the attachment to Bai Hu in order to give Dui her entire heart.  The spin-off story would take place a year later after Dui's ending from Polaris: The General and the General Practitioner when Bao Lai is working as Dui's apprentice in Pa Xu.  She chose to give up Bai Hu while Dui still thinks she'd fall back into old habits given a change of heart from Hu.  It'll be a love triangle again, though in reverse from the main novel.  That's the idea anyway but it's more difficult to put things into words than I thought.  Paused writing this one for now.

I went back to pick up writing another book which I started years ago and never got anywhere.  Been shirking it too because the tone is so much different now than it was then.  Apparently, I had more of a sense of humor then.  Still debating whether I want to self publish this one or enter it into the Kindle Scout for a contract.  I might go the latter route if I can cut it down.  It's hard for me to keep anything under 500 pages.  I'm always amazed at good stories, complete from top to bottom, written in less than 200.  Maybe it's a formatting thing or maybe it's just me being long-winded.

Anyway, I might just drop everything and go slash some dudes in Ninja Gaiden now that I've bought the pro Wii controller.  Mindlessly mashing buttons to control a ninja is pretty awesome.

That's all I have for now

Lenne Penry

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