Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Random Post: Sutherland Plant Sale THIS Weekend!

*** Correction, the Sutherland annual plant sale is THIS weekend in KC.

Sorry I was such a downer in my previous post.  It's spring.  Let's look forward to pretty things.

I hear Sutherland is having their annual truckload plant sale next weekend.  Last year, I think it was a pack of 4 starter plants for $0.99 or maybe it was $0.79... don't remember, I just know it was cheap!  They grew really well too.  I bought some eggplant, tomato plants, various herbs and peppers plants, all produced nice yields.

My friend also has a farm and he'll grow whatever I give him so I'm thinking ginger and lemongrass this year.  I always need those.  Apparently, there's a black apple tree that's native.  I want one of those.  They look so cool.  That and a hawthorn and empress tree.   I think once I get older, I might like a small farm and then plant all sorts of crazy things.  Oh, and I definitely want a geothermal greenhouse!  Check those out on YouTube if you have a chance.  They are amazing!

What are you planting this year?


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