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Polaris: Tian Ji Zhong Shi Yan

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In the last book, Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner, Bao Lai's (the MC) bloodline advantage,Tian Ji Zhong Shi Yan, was a major theme.  This same advantage/ability was mentioned in Polaris: Empress of Ning (if you chose Han Bei's route).  For those who likes the anime/manga Naruto, the skill sounds a little bit like Sasuke's Sharingan.  Well, I actually based Tian Ji Zhong Shi Yan off a weird phenomena which I'd experienced back in my teenage years (before Naruto was even aired on CN).  This "skill" only happened twice... or maybe one and a half since the second time wasn't really as cool.

The most prominent event was during my first time bowling (of all things) during my senior year in high school.  Now, back then, I was obsessed with Ruroni Kenshin because he just seemed the greatest swordsman ever.  Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess, so I used to practice with a shinai daily.  Mentioning this because I'm not sure if it was attributed to the momentary heightened skill.  Anyhow, I was bowling and there was a split after the first ball.  The second time when I aimed the ball, everything around turned slowed, sepia-toned, and blurred out.  Even the loud atmosphere changed to a sort of hollow, jumbled mix of noises that were mostly blocked out.  It's really difficult to explain, but my eyes "zoomed" into the two targets at the front as though they were binoculars, and I mean zoomed in and focused like in a video game sniper's viewfinder or something.  The strangest thing, I knew accuracy rate was 100%!  Again, I'd never bowl before and I kind of suck at it to be honest.  Movements became very mechanical, like a program executing a code.  I targeted one of the pins (give me break, I was a noob so knocking down one was good enough) and away it went.  The ball glided perfectly along the edge of the gutter and knocked that sucker down like nothing.  The second after the pin went down, time seemed to have "resumed";  surroundings weren't slowed anymore. 

You're probably thinking, "Lenne, you're a very boring person if that was one of the coolest moments of your life."  True, I am pretty boring but it was a cool experience nonetheless.  

Using that strange alteration in time relativity, Tian Ji Zhong Shi Yan was born.  The skill seemingly stops time, hence, giving the wielder greater accuracy because, come on, how hard is it to win a sword fight when your opponent is seemingly frozen?  Bao Lai's skill was passed down from her father's side (Mian Shi Fen) who's name is also related to time.  The skill is passed mostly from father to son.  Daughters rarely have them and most can't use the skill effectively even if they happen to inherit the trait.  The originator of the skill is Fa Zhen, the original "demon slayer" during his conquest to subdue demons from the northern tribes.  To learn more, make your way through Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner.  

I'm a little torn by this book, actually, because Bai Hu seems like the MC's OTP considering their past.  But, Dui also played a big part and I really like him too.  Wouldn't know who to choose if I were the MC.  Of course if I were the MC, I'd rewrite the routes so I'd get both, haha!

If you had a chance to read any of the Polaris books, let me know what you think.  Which two guys do you think should be pitted against each other next for the MC's adoration?  I'm thinking Zhen Yue against Qing Hai or Ying (Yu Qi).  However, also thinking of making Lo Han a main character but that one would be really hard.  He's a super enigma.  It's hard enough to write what I mean but to write what I mean for a character who rarely means anything is... going to make me pull out my hair.

Anyhow, post is getting too long.  Have a good rest of the weekend, everyone!


~Lenne Penry

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