Monday, May 8, 2017

Random Post: Praise Kek Forever

Well ain't this a *****, pardon my French.

Due to political correctness and parties which can't grasp a joke and easily take offense, Pepe the Frog (aka the Prophet of Kek) was "killed off" by the creator today.  How do you actually kill a meme?  I don't know.  I hope Pepe will rise again and ascend into the highest plane.

Too many articles to count are out there depicting Pepe as the symbol for white supremacy and racism... he is green and an understood joke among all people with a sense of humor.  The amount of races that find Pepe amusing and praise Kek would fill a rainbow and then some.  I suppose if all colors in a light spectrum come together to form white light, then that would be appropriate.  White light isn't racist and neither is milk.  Pepe is a symbol of unity for internet trolls and for internet newbs like me, a continual meme that is hilarious.  Laughter is a good medicine for the soul.

People say stupid things online because they are censored in real life.  That doesn't imply that most people mean the things they say online.  If anyone thinks the internet should be full of caring individuals who never lie or say offensive things, my advice would be to shut off your internet services and save yourself some money.

To utterly seek destruction of a green frog who's just a joke seems like a waste of time and money on "those" people's part.  This isn't 1984, even if it certainly feels that way.  The internet is not a safe space, never has been.  Didn't they even warn about this in the 90's?  It's a blank canvas which anyone is permitted to use however they wish (hopefully legally).  I'm rather saddened over the fact that Pepe was cast aside this way but I hope he will rise again.  If I have some time, maybe I'll doodle a meme of my own.

Shadilay, my brethren!
May Kek be with you!


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