Saturday, May 6, 2017

Random Post: Strawberry Picking

Went strawberry picking today.  Found this uber cool strawberry (second pic) that looks like a foot, five toes and everything.  From the side, it looks even more like a foot.  Had to pick it the moment I saw it because the odd shape reminded me of the yellow Buddha's foot fruit.  Can't find a picture of it online though, search engines keep bringing up Buddha's hand fruit instead.  If I see one personally, I'll be sure to post a picture.

Anyone else planning to (or have already) picked berries this year?  Seems to be a good crop season this year because of all the rain, in my area anyway.  The sun-ripened strawberries were delicious.  You know how (most) artificial strawberry candies never taste like the real strawberries purchased from stores?  I always wondered why that was the case... until today.  Even though I went strawberry picking before, the berries were sour and bland.  These were sweet and had a very strong distinct "strawberry" taste which reminded me a lot of the artificial strawberry flavor.  I guess those folks in test labs knew what they were talking about.

I'm planning to go blueberry and apple picking this year too, if time allows, and maybe do a couple of harvest at my friend's farm.  I'll post more pictures then. TTYL.


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