Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wizardess Heart: When Will Amelia Have a Special Route?

Hmm.... this is me ranting so close this out now if you don't need to hear anymore.

Is it just me or is Liz Hart becoming very... stale?  Liz Hart from the Wizardess Heart otome that is.  I liked her character.  She's spunky, nice, great at chores (-.-), has healing magic, oblivious and makes great funny faces according to the bishies.  Typical helpless girl, who's not helpless at all if she'd pull her head out of the clouds, which every guy wants to protect. I get that she's a lot more powerful than she seems.  However, they, the writers, continue to perpetuate various aspects about her during every new story arc to create this image that she's SUPER special.

Now, I understand the story wouldn't be as interesting if she were "normal," but stick to a set of strengths and keep at it.  Her earlier character was more likable.  She had very powerful magic welling inside but doesn't know it and her ability to attract animals and magical creatures helped build a story, especially during the Yukiya/Elias/Luca arc.  Albeit, none of those bishies were my fav, the way she helped the story along through her known strengths made the story interesting.

Nowadays, they're overreaching.  She's EVERYTHING special.  It's fun to OP but it also gets boring really fast.

Onto Amelia, Liz's roommate.  At first, she was a very close, kind friend who helped the MC worked through emotional confusion.  Nowadays, they're just throwing her in as an almost obnoxious meddler.  Or am I the only one who thinks so?  Every time Liz meets her in a new story line, she jumps immediately to pushing Liz onto the "crush," which makes it seem that Liz is just suffering from peer pressure in falling for the bishies.

Still, Amelia is always such a loyal friend and has had to stand aside while Liz takes the stage, I think it's time Shall We Date Apps give her a special route of her own as the MC.  Remember how she said her type of guys is similar to Professor Merkulova?  I'd love to see her as the MC aspiring for his hand.  I'm partial to Professor Schulyer myself, but that's neither here nor there.

In conclusion, a good series is going down hill fast.  I'm gonna go tweet to Shall We Date Apps.  Join in and see if we can get Amelia her own route!


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July Update

Hey all,

July's been pretty busy for me and still... I haven't gotten much done.  Still working on a Polaris special edition for Dui's true ending.  As you may (or may not) know from the previous Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner, one of the routes allows the reader/MC/Bao Lai to end up with Dui.  However, Bao Lai's emotional connection to Hu is forever unbreakable so it didn't feel right that she could just give up her childhood friend and former lover for Dui in a romantic sense.  Not right away, at least.  Although, Dui being her former childhood rival also forms a strong bond too but when she left with Dui at the end of the last book, they were, more or less, very close friends.

This special edition will occur months after the first and will transition their relationship.  It's not a gushy type novel where they would dote on each other because I don't think it's fair to Dui who's had to stand by as a second string character in the first book while Bao Lai's heart was always on Hu.  Dui deserves more respect than that.

Of course, with another story, comes another conflict.  This time, the old wars threaten to return.  As to not give too much away, it's mainly about demons and demon slayers.  Problem is, I don't know how to end the conflict and have pretty much been stuck on it for months.  Plus I don't think Bao Lai is getting enough face time with the guys and there's not enough background story about her time with Dui after leaving An.  I'm really hoping to break through this corner I've written myself into... maybe August will be the month!

I'm a little concerned about drawing the CG.  Dui's hair is so-o-o-o-o complicated.  Maybe I'll give him a different hairstyle, after all, he was bound to cut his hair six months after leaving An or have it grow extra long.  Also, this book will be different from the others in that, you don't get choices.  That's my idea for now anyway.  I was thinking, what happens if Bao Lai/reader could have another chance to choose between Dui and Bai Hu?  This book would be a big middle finger to Dui if the MC chooses Hu.  Didn't want that.

Secretly, if I could choose between the two in real life, I think I'd choose Dui.  Don't tell Hu that. ;)

That's all I have for now.

Until next time!

~Lenne Penry

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Office Lover 2: Yuusuke Minami's Route

Yuusuke's route is out!  I've been looking forward to his route since he's such a "Hotohori" type character.  You know how much I love Hotohori!

It's pretty good so far but I've only read about 13 tickets or so.  Loved it when Yuuske called the MC a "big 'ole potato" and burst out laughing when the MC thought to herself "I kissed a ... gay... and I... liked it."

I was kind of bored by the Akiyoshi route even though he is very cute.  This one is starting out nicely.  I still hate that Yukako bi-atch.... she reminds me of someone from my workplace.  Ever worked with one of those?  Too bad in reality, us boring big 'ole potato types don't run into hot guys and the Yukako types don't get their just desserts, hmm?  Ah well, maybe that's why we read fantasy.

Anyway, did notice the "His Gacha" option is not available though so hopefully it'll be out soon so I get enough affection points for those CGs.

If you haven't checked out Office Lover 2 by OKKO Sweet Romance, give it a try.  After all, it's free in the app store.  Let me know what you think of Yuusuke.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hu's Necklace

Hey all,

Started wearing my cute necklace again.  Hadn't for a while since I accidentally broke it when it slipped off my table.  The bell is missing now and the bar which once held the bell is like two sharp fangs.  Wanted to share the original inspiration for Hu's necklace, which is a twin tiger bell.  Hu means tiger in Chinese, so I thought it was a fitting piece.  I like dressing my characters up but I never know which tasteful jewelry to give them.  What do you think?  Do they look alike?

~Lenne Penry

Thursday, July 6, 2017

DovahKek! Troll-born!

Okay... one more meme for today.


More Memes

Good morning, y'all!

Couldn't sleep so I did a couple more memes.  Not exactly the best use of time but eh....

BTW, for those who knows how to make GIFs, Infowars is offering $20k for the best CNN meme.  Add their website logo to your GIFs and "#CNNMemeWar" to your twitter post.  I can't do GIFs so I'll stick with good old JPEG for lolz.  I don't think JPEG qualifies but submitted them anyway.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I've Joined the Second Great Meme War!

Hey all,

Usually, I try to stay out of politics mainly because everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they're right.  Same with everything else, I guess.

Recently, for those who follow the news, a teenager was threatened by CNN for posting a funny GIF which featured President Trump attacking Vince McMahon of WWE, whose face was covered by the CNN logo.  A little background story on this clip.  Back then, the 'wrassling' franchise was stale and on the verge of bankruptcy. McMahon asked his then friend, DJT, to step in and help with marketing and remolding the franchise.  Of course, DJT agreed.  The clip where DJT fought McMahon though, I believe that wasn't planned ahead.  DJT did it on a whim but it really resonated with the crowd and they loved it.  Among other accomplishments, WWE is still around today, in part due to DJT's aid.

Anyhow, CNN felt the modified clip was a "threat" against them and other reporters so in turn, they threatened to dox the kid who posted the GIF (whom I'd also heard wasn't actually the original poster).  As far as I know, this is not legal within the kid's located state.  If he were a public figure, it would be whatever, but as a private citizen, this is coercion and an outright real threat.  I mean, he's 15 years old.  CNN is giant corporation.  Don't destroy his life this way.  Aside from death threats, I could easily see him standing in the unemployment line from being denied future jobs due to this one instance. It was a joke.  People go online to write stupid things and post funny videos.  Sure, we don't all share the same sense of humor, but with everything else, if you don't want to watch it then close it out.  The internet is not a safe space and his GIF was not meant to incite violence.  In fact, his GIF does not compel me to punch CNN reporters in the face.  CNN's response though has forced me to join the second great meme war.  Below is my retort.  Yes, I am inciting bears all over the world to kick CNN in the nuts while wearing ranger hats.  And yes, I can speak to animals, just like Snow White.  (For those who took that literally, I can't help you.)


"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." -Voltaire

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Real Life Encounter With Some Characters Updated

Hey all,

Just came back from visiting Vietnam and during many excursions, I took Grab cabs (another version of Uber).  Let me tell you did I meet some characters.  Two of them stood out, both for different reasons.

So for the first one, the cab driver's conversation with my travel buddy suddenly reminded me of Haruka Doujima from the Rental Boyfriends otome.  He's a hip hop dancer/instructor who has a side job (driving of course), has an older sister (his only sibling) who is far away (in Melbourne and not 'far away' like Haruka's case) and he is charming and personable as well.  He's also about the same age as Haruka.  Now, he doesn't look like Haruka but then how does anyone compare to a cartoon guy especially with Haruka's wind-swept hair?  Maybe out of his cab driving garb, he might resemble Haruka.

Second guy is a real storybook country bumpkin hustler come to life.  The guy started out nice and all but then he started flirting with another travel buddy and led us to Dong Ba Market in Hue where he spent about twenty minutes giving us the tour, one of those out of the movies. "Now on this step is a fortune teller... hey old man--so and so-- and this next one is ... and here's another fortune teller."  I can't even begin to replicate everything he said.  He was just smooth.  Can't describe it.  He had a ways with words, was charming, conveyed honesty, knew practically everyone and flirted with women in a manner that couldn't be described as flirting.  Now, my travel buddy looked like she had money (she's from VN) so he told me and my other travel buddy to sit in the back while he wooed her.  Dong Ba is an incredibly filthy place to eat, I was inclined to since it was a social situation but I regret it.  Still sick now.  Anyway, he took her to these places which charged an arm and a leg, unusual for street food, and the girl he was wooing paid for every meal.  He knew those vendors so I'm guessing they double charged us and split the money with him later on... and he had free meals.

Once we left Dong Ba, he began wooing her through songs.  It was raining quite hard.  One of the songs went something like "rain in Hue, with anh (Vietnamese term of endearment for a guy) next to me."  Then he noted, " Anh next to me.  Anh ne!  (As in, I'm your anh).  Ugh, hard to describe some cultural semantics but basically he insisted for her to view him as her one and only.  The best part was when my other travel buddy sitting in the back asked if he was married (a common thing for older people to ask young folks--culturally acceptable).  He said no.  He's completely single.  This is where I nearly started bursting into laughter.  On his left ring finger is a gold band!  Aside from that, his phone conversation with a certain "someone" was quite evasive.  He sounded uncomfortable and was working hard to choose the right words as to not insult the person on the other side of the line (whom he tried to convey as a customer) and the girl he was wooing.  I bet his wife isn't blind to his antics.  The guy has a street bad-boy type charm and he is rather tall and not bad looking.

To top things off, once he realized the girl he was wooing was from Viet Nam and I am in fact a Viet Kieu, he started smiling at me.  I wasn't in a good mood for eating bad food and treading around in sludge after the storm so I was already looking pissed.  He got embarrassed or maybe felt bad that his charms didn't work so well.  Haha!  In the end, he charged us an exorbitant amount of cab fare but I was glad to be done with it.

Found a picture I took of the second guy and a travel buddy while at Dong Ba Market.  Not a good angle of his face, he's more charming from the front.  Took it because I thought it'd be a funny memory for later, lolz.

These are my two stories.  Have you ever encounter some interesting characters?  Please post below.

~Lenne Penry