Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Office Lover 2: Yuusuke Minami's Route

Yuusuke's route is out!  I've been looking forward to his route since he's such a "Hotohori" type character.  You know how much I love Hotohori!

It's pretty good so far but I've only read about 13 tickets or so.  Loved it when Yuuske called the MC a "big 'ole potato" and burst out laughing when the MC thought to herself "I kissed a ... gay... and I... liked it."

I was kind of bored by the Akiyoshi route even though he is very cute.  This one is starting out nicely.  I still hate that Yukako bi-atch.... she reminds me of someone from my workplace.  Ever worked with one of those?  Too bad in reality, us boring big 'ole potato types don't run into hot guys and the Yukako types don't get their just desserts, hmm?  Ah well, maybe that's why we read fantasy.

Anyway, did notice the "His Gacha" option is not available though so hopefully it'll be out soon so I get enough affection points for those CGs.

If you haven't checked out Office Lover 2 by OKKO Sweet Romance, give it a try.  After all, it's free in the app store.  Let me know what you think of Yuusuke.


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