Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Real Life Encounter With Some Characters Updated

Hey all,

Just came back from visiting Vietnam and during many excursions, I took Grab cabs (another version of Uber).  Let me tell you did I meet some characters.  Two of them stood out, both for different reasons.

So for the first one, the cab driver's conversation with my travel buddy suddenly reminded me of Haruka Doujima from the Rental Boyfriends otome.  He's a hip hop dancer/instructor who has a side job (driving of course), has an older sister (his only sibling) who is far away (in Melbourne and not 'far away' like Haruka's case) and he is charming and personable as well.  He's also about the same age as Haruka.  Now, he doesn't look like Haruka but then how does anyone compare to a cartoon guy especially with Haruka's wind-swept hair?  Maybe out of his cab driving garb, he might resemble Haruka.

Second guy is a real storybook country bumpkin hustler come to life.  The guy started out nice and all but then he started flirting with another travel buddy and led us to Dong Ba Market in Hue where he spent about twenty minutes giving us the tour, one of those out of the movies. "Now on this step is a fortune teller... hey old man--so and so-- and this next one is ... and here's another fortune teller."  I can't even begin to replicate everything he said.  He was just smooth.  Can't describe it.  He had a ways with words, was charming, conveyed honesty, knew practically everyone and flirted with women in a manner that couldn't be described as flirting.  Now, my travel buddy looked like she had money (she's from VN) so he told me and my other travel buddy to sit in the back while he wooed her.  Dong Ba is an incredibly filthy place to eat, I was inclined to since it was a social situation but I regret it.  Still sick now.  Anyway, he took her to these places which charged an arm and a leg, unusual for street food, and the girl he was wooing paid for every meal.  He knew those vendors so I'm guessing they double charged us and split the money with him later on... and he had free meals.

Once we left Dong Ba, he began wooing her through songs.  It was raining quite hard.  One of the songs went something like "rain in Hue, with anh (Vietnamese term of endearment for a guy) next to me."  Then he noted, " Anh next to me.  Anh ne!  (As in, I'm your anh).  Ugh, hard to describe some cultural semantics but basically he insisted for her to view him as her one and only.  The best part was when my other travel buddy sitting in the back asked if he was married (a common thing for older people to ask young folks--culturally acceptable).  He said no.  He's completely single.  This is where I nearly started bursting into laughter.  On his left ring finger is a gold band!  Aside from that, his phone conversation with a certain "someone" was quite evasive.  He sounded uncomfortable and was working hard to choose the right words as to not insult the person on the other side of the line (whom he tried to convey as a customer) and the girl he was wooing.  I bet his wife isn't blind to his antics.  The guy has a street bad-boy type charm and he is rather tall and not bad looking.

To top things off, once he realized the girl he was wooing was from Viet Nam and I am in fact a Viet Kieu, he started smiling at me.  I wasn't in a good mood for eating bad food and treading around in sludge after the storm so I was already looking pissed.  He got embarrassed or maybe felt bad that his charms didn't work so well.  Haha!  In the end, he charged us an exorbitant amount of cab fare but I was glad to be done with it.

Found a picture I took of the second guy and a travel buddy while at Dong Ba Market.  Not a good angle of his face, he's more charming from the front.  Took it because I thought it'd be a funny memory for later, lolz.

These are my two stories.  Have you ever encounter some interesting characters?  Please post below.

~Lenne Penry

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