Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wizardess Heart: When Will Amelia Have a Special Route?

Hmm.... this is me ranting so close this out now if you don't need to hear anymore.

Is it just me or is Liz Hart becoming very... stale?  Liz Hart from the Wizardess Heart otome that is.  I liked her character.  She's spunky, nice, great at chores (-.-), has healing magic, oblivious and makes great funny faces according to the bishies.  Typical helpless girl, who's not helpless at all if she'd pull her head out of the clouds, which every guy wants to protect. I get that she's a lot more powerful than she seems.  However, they, the writers, continue to perpetuate various aspects about her during every new story arc to create this image that she's SUPER special.

Now, I understand the story wouldn't be as interesting if she were "normal," but stick to a set of strengths and keep at it.  Her earlier character was more likable.  She had very powerful magic welling inside but doesn't know it and her ability to attract animals and magical creatures helped build a story, especially during the Yukiya/Elias/Luca arc.  Albeit, none of those bishies were my fav, the way she helped the story along through her known strengths made the story interesting.

Nowadays, they're overreaching.  She's EVERYTHING special.  It's fun to OP but it also gets boring really fast.

Onto Amelia, Liz's roommate.  At first, she was a very close, kind friend who helped the MC worked through emotional confusion.  Nowadays, they're just throwing her in as an almost obnoxious meddler.  Or am I the only one who thinks so?  Every time Liz meets her in a new story line, she jumps immediately to pushing Liz onto the "crush," which makes it seem that Liz is just suffering from peer pressure in falling for the bishies.

Still, Amelia is always such a loyal friend and has had to stand aside while Liz takes the stage, I think it's time Shall We Date Apps give her a special route of her own as the MC.  Remember how she said her type of guys is similar to Professor Merkulova?  I'd love to see her as the MC aspiring for his hand.  I'm partial to Professor Schulyer myself, but that's neither here nor there.

In conclusion, a good series is going down hill fast.  I'm gonna go tweet to Shall We Date Apps.  Join in and see if we can get Amelia her own route!


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