Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Random Post: August Update

Hey all,

Was that solar eclipse yesterday awesome or what?  It felt like watching sunset and then sunrise again in the course of ten minutes.  Really great.  Ended up squinting one eye through those counterfeit solar eclipse glasses I had and then placed a pair of sunglasses over them.  Also, I covered most of the sunglasses with my hands to only allow a small peep hole.  Strange how the rain cleared up just before the eclipse happened and then resumed right after... glad I could see it though.  Hope you did too.

I managed to move my latest novel along and am almost done with the first draft.  By almost, I mean like 25-50 pages away.  I'm not sure how the schema will change upon the initial edit.  Honestly, I kind of like it but I also don't like it all that much (for now).  I'm not sure if this was the story I envisioned and I will probably change the ending I envisioned too.  Initially, I had thought to make the end scene erotica-like because hey, it might be interesting to give a new style a try.  But then... I don't know... not so sure now.  Maybe making it sweet is enough.  What do you think?

On and all, I'm slating production to be early October or late September, depending on how busy things get at work.  That's also if I don't just drop things and go prospecting in Arkansas.  That's right, prospecting for diamonds!... at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.  Been eyeing that place for a while but it's such a long drive!  In case you haven't ever checked this place out, look it up.  For $10(?) you can dig for diamonds all day.  Most can be found just by walking around and picking them off the ground.  Apparently, the diamond digging area used to be a volcano a long time ago.  Most of the diamonds aren't worth much (pennies if even that).  Once in a while, someone might find a gem amongst gem and that's when the big bucks roll in!  I just think it's neat.  Never been, but it's on my to-do list.

Well, that's all I have for now.  TTYL.

~Lenne Penry

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Solar Eclipse Tomorrow!

Hey ya'll,

The total solar eclipse is tomorrow.  If you intend on watching, remember to be careful so you don't hurt your eyes.  I bought some solar glasses from a coworker who got a pack off Amazon, Soluna brand, and they turned out to be fakes.  According to the manufacturer's website, the real Soluna glasses have the website url listed below the logo in the middle of the glasses (on the backside).  The fakes may have this too but most actually fail to copy this simple aspect.  The ones she sold me didn't have them.  What that means is that they may not meet ISO requirements and won't be effective in blocking out harmful rays.

Another person from work made their own viewing pane from cardstock and aluminum foil via online instructions.  Another option would be to use a kiddie pool or some wide container filled with water and angle it at the sun then watch the eclipse in the reflection without looking up.  I'm not sure what I'll do yet. Maybe wear my sunglasses and wait until everything's dark before looking up and then look away immediately when light begins to peak... or use a mirror and angle it away... dunno yet.

Anyhow, whatever you plan to do, be safe.  There will likely be a lot of traffic outside tomorrow depending on whether you're in one of the prime zones for viewing or not, so be careful.  Watch the road, not the sky.  Heard some people are freaking out about the concept of a total blackout too like it's the apocalypse... reminds me of primitive cavemen.  Oh well, to each his own.

Let me know what your plans are for the eclipse!

~Lenne Penry

Friday, August 18, 2017

Random Post: Inbox Dollars... Ripoff Artist

Hey all,

It's been a while since I did a post about how to make money from home.  One of the websites I liked was Inbox Dollars.  They did pay, emphasis on did.  Recently, I cashed out my 30 some dollars and a day later, was banned from the website.  Now, I'd request a payout earlier but decided to wait until I hit $40 to avoid the processing fee.  Then, decided I didn't want to wait and went ahead with the cash-out a few weeks later.  So, I didn't actually do much different during the few weeks except for requesting my check.  Read online that they've been doing this to a lot of members to avoid payout.  Wouldn't have wasted my time if I knew.

In short, if you are planning to sign up with Inbox or are already a member, be careful that you don't end up wasting your time.

~Lenne Penry

Random Post: Kotaro Horibuchi Route's is Out!

Hey y'all,

Kota's route is out on Rental Boyfriend!  So far, I like it.  They're using the "other woman" approach to create conflict in this route, which is okay.  By other woman, I mean the MC has to contend with another woman for the bishie.  Kota's innocent, silly and just plain adorable.  Typically, I don't like the youngster persona but his plain adorableness is making things work.  Plus he's over 18 so it's cool right? ;0)

The MC's heart hurts every time she sees another pretty young thing talking to him in a friendly manner--typical-- but not terribly annoying.  I'm not sure I'm fond of this MC either.  She's got a mouth on her at times, playing Miss Sassy, but can also be a total ditz.  Supposedly, she's in her twenties, but really, her personality is that of a fifteen year old.

Going to keep going and see what happens.  Let me know what you think of Kota.

~Lenne Penry

Friday, August 11, 2017

More Pics from DC

Hey y'all,

More pics from my business trip *giggles*.  Sounds weird to even say business trip.  The first one is the Viet Nam Memorial... I thought it was bigger for some reason but really it's just two intersecting walls.  Kind of small, tbh.  I almost missed it.

DC's architecture is great and the streets are pretty easy to get around, much easier with a physical map than the map app, which led me all over the place and I ended up walking in circles.  Finally, I resorted to reading street signs for the attractions.  You'll definitely get your exercise in DC, by the way, which is great so long as it isn't hot out.

Maybe they'll send me back again, assuming I didn't embarrass myself too badly in the presentation.  :)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Random Post: In DC Baby!

Hey y'all,

I'm in DC!  Never thought it would happen, being sent on a business trip to one of these big cities (or on any business trip for that matter).  Happened on a fluke, really.  Someone in my work group booked their vacation before this last minute meeting was scheduled so they needed a substitute.  I thought to myself: "Huh, free flight, hotel and food... sure."  Needless to say the exchange wasn't actually "free."  The plane was delayed and then flight was cancelled and I ended up sitting on another flight next to this kid way too old to be a lap child who kicked, scratched, hit, drooled and threw stuff at me for nearly two hours.  Also had to give a presentation and made an ass of myself a little but that part was expected.  I stink at public speaking.  Well, I stink at speaking in general.  At least no one will remember in a few days.

Anyhow, now I get to see DC, or at least will get to after this work stuff is over.  Typically, they don't send people from my division because we're IT cave dwellers.  However, when opportunity arises, go for it.  This is the whole point of my long-winded post, btw.  Don't be one to think... "well, maybe I should have taken the chance."  This isn't likely to boost my career by any means but if somehow it does, I wouldn't want to look back and be mad at myself for not showing up.  After all, as we learn from many otomes, the MC is typically not anything special (initially), she just has to be at the right place at the right time... ie, show up.  Not that... I've ran into any hot guys.  Bummer!

[ Always a side character, never an MC, am I right? (T_T) ]

Ran down to the Capitol after work yesterday but couldn't see much else because I had to run back to buy food.  Practically everything closes down at 7 PM where my hotel is located.  It's kind of weird.  Almost as if when it's dark out, vampires leave their nests, and so the villagers lock their doors and bar their windows.  I got in late on Monday and couldn't find any non-chain restaurants around the hotel open.  Even the pharmacy was closed which is weird because I'm used to those being open well into the night.  I'm gonna try to run down to the National Mall after work today and maybe see the White House and Viet Nam Veterans' Memorial tomorrow.  I'll post some pictures for those who've never been.  If you have, give me some advice on cheap but good food, preferably pizza.  I love pizza!

This is the Capitol below.  Amazing architecture by the way.  I friggin love grand and lavished structures that can withstand the test of time.  Don't find those very often these days.  Also, how do you like my photography "skills?"

~Lenne Penry