Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Polaris Update: Partial CG -- Little Dui and Bao Lai

Hey all,

Still working on the Polaris spin-off/special edition for Dui's true ending.  Stopped doing edits because I kept thinking about the CGs so I jumped ship.  I have the cover mostly ready.  Here's a partial CG of the final one.  This is Dui and Bao Lai as children during their time at Tian Mao Yi.  Bao Lai is cross-dressed of course (as Little Hung) and harassing Dui as usual.  Her skin tone is a little light but I'm not sure why since I used the same palette from previous pictures.  She still needs some touch ups.  I haven't done a kiss scene CG yet so I'm going for that in their "grown up" version.

Dui's hair is too complicated and I don't know if I can replicate it a second time so I've been recycling it.  Thought about giving him a new haircut but I liked this one so I might just edit it instead.

Anyway, more to come!

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