Sunday, September 24, 2017

Random Post: Food from Japan

Hey guys and gals,

I was watching PBS this weekend and they had all episodes about the "Land of the Rising Sun" aka Japan.  Mostly, they mentioned ramen which made me remember my trip to Tokyo some years back.  Thought I'd share a few pics.

I ate at this one noodle shop daily while I was there because it was near the hotel in Asakusa and very affordable.  Mostly had soba noodles but the shop had tempura and rice too.  I did have ramen at a shop near Harajuku but didn't take any pictures.  Below are some pics. The last one is actually curry at a department store near Akihabara.  Japanese people love their curry.  This restaurant was owned by an Indian guy and he's also the chef.  It was pretty good.  If I go back, I think I'll have to try and find more ramen places.  One week was way too short, by the time I got used to the train system, it was time to leave.  (-.-)

Have you been to Japan?  What are your favorite spots?

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