Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween my friends!  Can't wait for work to end so I can eat candy, watch ghost shows, and then pass out in front of the TV.  Then look like crap when I come in to work on 11/1.

What will you be up to?


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

2 Sp00ky: A Little Early for Halloween

Hey all,

Halloween is next week.  I'm excited!  Are you?  How do you usually celebrate?  Me, I'm not into costume parties or trick-or-treating. I like popping a big bowl of popcorn, a bag of Mary Jane peanut candy (because it reminds me of childhood), a bunch of other not-so-good-for-you snacks and sit in front of the TV in my PJs and watch ghost shows.  Ghost Adventures is always a good one even though the guys can be too dramatic.  Dead Files is my favorite but they haven't had any new episodes recently (off topic).

Anyway, I like listening to spooky stories so if you have any, feel free to share (with the other five people who visits my website, lol).  I'll tell you some of mine below.

First story, this was kind of an unusual experience, not so much spooky.  The university I attended had many sightings of a ghost in white who committed suicide a long time ago when one of the school buildings used to be someone's home.  The school is said to have several spirits roaming but she's the main.  Now, back in my late teens/early twenties before I injured my spine, I started becoming more sensitive to the spirit world.  You can choose to believe or disbelieve that, won't hurt my feelings. I believe it, of course.  After my injuries, seems like my ability to pick up "signals" disappeared, like an antenna got broken.  Anyhow, I didn't see the lady in white but I felt someone else.  So, I was walking late afternoon to one of my classes across the Quad, and then, I suddenly sensed someone walking behind me.  I figured I was in their way so I moved aside.  No one advanced.  I thought I must be imagining things so I moved back to the middle of the path and again felt someone behind me.  I walked faster (I walk pretty fast in general) and oddly enough, when my pace increased, it felt like the person behind me was doing the same.  In fact, they were speeding up even faster than me until it felt like someone collided into me from behind while two arms wrapped around my shoulders.  It felt like a tall person, male aura, but when I turn back with fist raised, didn't see anyone.  The closest students were a ways off and unless one of them is secretly the Flash, there was no way any could have been responsible.  I literally jolted forward from the collision but also felt like someone wrapped their arms around me and pulled me back.  After that, I didn't feel anyone behind me again.  Ran to class, face pale as if I'd "seen" a ghost.

Second one, happened recently during my trip to Viet Nam.  More of an annoyance than spooky.  It was hot and muggy and I was stinky from the flight after landing.  Aunt told me to go change my clothes (was staying at her house) before we all went out to eat.  Put my phone in a green purse she gave me since she said hooligans in Ho Chi Minh City will jack anyone and everyone for their smartphone when it's in plain sight.  Put the phone down inside my black suitcase since I figured I won't even bother taking it with me.  Literally five minutes later, decided to take it anyway so I can snap photos, the purse is gone.  Turned every single piece of luggage inside out.  Nothing.  Family said to go eat and deal with it later.  Said fine.  Went back after dinner and spent the entire night churning through the luggage, calling the number from my Mom's phone, and checking that black suitcase again and again.  No idea.  Went to sleep, had a weird dream about someone handing me back my phone.  Woke up, went back to the black luggage and opened it, first dang thing at the top is the green purse and my phone.  Figures... and I had looked in there a hundred time and pulled everything out about ten times.

Last one, happened decades ago when I was a kid.  The house I lived in used to be the storage shed about the size of a closet of the house next door; that bigger house was haunted I later found out.  I used to see these creatures with red and green eyes.  The creatures have a semi-human face, like they're wearing masks and their bodies were... something else.  Just to clarify, when I say "see them," I mean I saw them in my mind's eyes and not physically, but the images were so vivid, they freaked me out, especially the ones with the green eyes.  I used to hate being alone in that house and I was deathly afraid of that particular color of green.

One time I was outside while my mom was talking to the neighbor, it was late, and I didn't want to go to sleep.  Next thing I know, I'm sitting on a hammock inside the house with my sister (hammocks inside are common in Vietnam) which practically took up most of the house.  My sister jumped off the swinging hammock and dared me to do the same.  I was a chicken, so she got annoyed and went outside. I figured I'll practice while she's away so I started swinging faster and faster, finally building up the courage to jump off.  However, I miscalculated when I jumped off and hit the wall, except I fell through the wall instead... into another world it seems, inside a dark fortress and behind a bush; scraped my right hand pretty badly.  On the other side of the bush these creatures were marching in 2x2, some red and some green eyes... just like the creatures I kept seeing inside my head.  I'm not the type to scream when scared, just go pale, and that's what happened. Couldn't breathe because I thought they might sense me.  The wall behind had closed up and I couldn't go back.  This world felt really old too... if that makes any sense.  As if I'd stepped into some forgotten ancient world.

Not long after, someone was right next to me.  I couldn't really see his face but it was a human(?) boy who sort of talked to me in some telepathic fashion.  His mouth never moved but I heard him inside my head.  He said "don't worry, I'll take you back."  So he sat with me for a long while until the creatures marched by.  Then, he pulled me from bush to bush until we reach another wall.  It was kind of like the scene from Spirited Away when Haku was sneaking around with Chihiro... which I've always claimed was a ripoff from my experience (though I know that's impossible).  Anyhow, I think he smiled and said "go through.  It'll take you home."  Along with that was a mental implication that he would seal up the portal so those creatures can't follow.  I wasn't much of a talker back then and I figured, okay... whatever, I just wanna go home.  After I walked through, woke up with my right hand burning from a scrape as it had in the dream when I fell through the wall.  Could have been that I fell unconscious while outside with my mom and scraped my hand before having the dream, don't know.  The most amazing thing though is that I never saw those creatures in my mind's eyes again and I didn't feel scared being in the house.  Could have all been nothing, who knows, but it's cool to think that I could have made it to another world and met a gatekeeper of sorts.  Wouldn't it be nice if that boy made it to this world and we could meet again?  Guess I wouldn't recognize him anyway since I couldn't see his face, plus that was more than twenty years ago.  Unless he starts talking to me telepathically, I'd have no idea.  Maybe I'll use this experience for an otome some day.  :)

So, now that I've given some of my personal accounts.  Please share some of your supernatural and/or spooky experiences.

Happy (early) Halloween!


Monday, October 9, 2017

Bao Lai's OTP?

Hey guys and gals,

Recently, I learned there was an otome (on the PS2?) called Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku Ibun, where the MC is the priestess of Suzaku and gets to vie for all seven Suzaku Seishi's love.  I don't know why I haven't heard about it until now since it's a pretty old game.  I can't even find it on Amazon.  The notion of getting to choose between one of the guys is great, because you know... I'd go for Hotohori ;0) no doubt about it!  The MC is not Miaka though, it's another character and I wonder if this change was made because Tamahome is considered Miaka's OTP so it would be weird to play as her and vie for other guys.  Overall, I was never a big fan of Miaka.  She's irresponsible, stupid and useless but tends to say really good things at the right time, as many lead anime female characters do.  Words without actions to me are... eh, whatever.  Not to diss Yuu Watase's MC or anything but I just didn't/don't like her.

Anyway, from thinking about OTPs, I started thinking about Bao Lai from my Polaris series.  I feel like Bai Hu is her OTP but the same could be said about Han Bei or Dui.  Tell me which you think is her OTP if you've read the series, btw.

Hu is her childhood friend/enemy and the same could be said about Dui.  I feel that she has the most in common with Hu which is why they had such a love/hate relationship in their earlier years at Tian Mao Yi.  Dui is the opposite of Bao Lai and she likes him because of this aspect too.  In Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner, I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd probably choose Dui if I were Bao Lai but now that I'm reading the endings over again and again, I'm not sure.  I think Hu might be Bao Lai's OTP.

Then, there's also Han Bei.  Now, in Polaris: Empress of Ning, it was established that (spoiler alert!) Dong Xing, Bao Lai's half-sister, requested Han Bei to find her missing sister on her deathbed in the hopes that Bao Lai could take her role and love Han Bei in her stead.  This makes me feel that their fates are tied and Han Bei has been waiting for Bao Lai all his life.  Makes me really sad to read his part in all the books where Bao Lai is destined to love another.  Albeit Han Bei is never without lovers, I feel like he'll always be cheated a happy ending except in his own route.  I'm the one who wrote it so it's technically my fault.  Mad at myself!

I'm working on Yue's route now and I'm not sure who to pit him against and it's kind of difficult having written the OTP route and then switching over to another character who is obviously not the MC's OTP.  I want the story to be romantic and exciting of course but hell... how do ya beat true love?  My original idea was to pit Hu, Yue and Hai against one another but that wouldn't have been good.  Dui vs. Hu was best; both men could be Bao Lai's OTP.  So, guess I'll just let the characters take me through their stories in my head and I'll just write it down.

While I'm reading over the routes, here are some of my favorite quotes between the OTP(s) from the volume 3:

"What was it you said?  I'd never find a man if I kept cross-dressing and I'd probably end up married to some random loser?  That makes you the random loser." - Bao Lai to Bai Hu

“I’ve been rejected for a lot of things in my life but never because of that!  How dare you accuse me of being too perfect?  You’re a horrible, horrible wife!”  - Bai Hu to Bao Lai

"I was trying to be an adult by being there for you and not throw tantrums.  How would I have known you just wanted me to break all your fingers?!" - Bao Lai to Bai Hu

"If you say so.  In that justification, I don't need a wife then, I have you.  You've been nagging in my ears since the day we've met." - Dui to Bao Lai

"What did I say about using people as test subjects?!" - Bao Lai to Dui

"Are you willfully ignorant?  Who has been my one priority these past many months?  Whom have I risked life and limb to protect?  Whose happiness did I persevere to keep intact despite the fact that it was killing me inside?  Practice was the first time I put my hands on you.  Attraction was the first moment I kissed you.  And love was the instant I never wanted to see another man touch you." - Dui to Bao Lai

"An active decision without observation is a mistake.  Fine, I'll give in to your stubbornness for now.  Come the end of this conflict and your views may yet change.  Let me make one thing clear.  You didn't realize your love for Bai Hu until I suggested the idea and despite your pining for another, I have become your dependence.  I have loved you in every way he couldn't.  He's taken the shallow route of claiming your body.  I have taken the deeper path to your soul.  Hidden behind your superficial view of my weak shell is an acknowledgement of that truth.  Your childish obsession must end.  He's turned you away from one misunderstanding.  I would never misunderstand."  - Dui to Bao Lai

"Whatever that means.  Speaking of my brother, maybe I should have taken his advice.  Tormenting me is a sort of hobby for you. I should have run away when I had the chance." - Dui to Bao Lai

"Got an answer for everything, don't you?  Fine.  I didn't intend to take such drastic measures but since you've forced my hand, in twenty years if we're not married to other people, let's go crazy and tie the knot." - Dui to Bao Lai

Thanks for visiting!
~Lenne Penry

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Onto the Next Project

Hey y'all,

Hope your weekend's been going well.  I've been sitting here contemplating my next project.  I thought to continue the Polaris series with routes for General Yue and possibly Ying but also kind of want to do something new.  Went back and looked in my old writing files, found a few (incomplete) books I wrote during my Jane Austin/Oscar Wilde daydream phase; ie, English romance with a pinch of sassy cynicism.  They're not otomes though so I'm wondering if I can turn them into otomes or keep them as young adult fiction.  What do you think?  Is an English romance otome something you'd read?  I'm not sure how it'll work but guess I'll figure something out. :)

Thanks for visiting!

~Lenne Penry

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Polaris: Dui's True Ending is Out!

Hey all!

My newest spinoff novel is now available for purchase.  Read for free with Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime and a Kindle device.  Polaris: Dui's True Ending.  Please check it out!

I recommend reading Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner first if you have the chance but really, this spinoff stands alone and can be read independently.  Volume 3 provides a lot of good background info though that would make the nuances from volume 3.5 (spinoff) stand out more.

Title: Polaris: Dui's True Ending (Volume 3.5 of the Polaris Series)
ISBN: 978-0996633833
Price: $11.99 for physical copy. $2.99 for ebook.  Free with Kindle Unlimited.  Free with Amazon Prime and a Kindle device.

Synopsis, Covers and Final CGI:

A special spinoff to the Polaris: the Demon General and the General Practitioner otome novel, this volume is recommended for those who've read Dui's ending in the previous book.  However, it is not required since this book stands alone.

Six months after leaving Bai Hu to pursue an apprenticeship under Dui, spring has come again.  The time for lovers is in the air.  Bao Lai's come to return the doctor's unrequited affection only to find that it may be too late.  He refuses to be loved by default.

At the same time, a message from the E Mo city of Ming Na forebodes another conflict on the horizon.  The old wars threaten to return and Bao Lai's special bloodline advantage is once more called upon.  To her surprise, another personal discord awaits in the Northern city and Bao Lai must come to terms with accepting her continued affections for both the man she loves and the man she loved, who seeks to rekindle what they've lost.  The answer appears evident and yet only through seeing with unclouded eyes will peace be restored.

Find out the conclusion to Dui's story in this special spinoff and arrive at the exclusive CGI!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Waiting on CreateSpace

Hey all,

I've sent my final version of the latest book to CreateSpace for publishing and it's supposed to take 24 hrs to review the file but it's been nearly 48... so, I'm hoping the book will be out some time this week.  I wonder if they're holding it because of the strange subtitle: Volume 3.5 of the Series.  Who knows?  This book couldn't really be considered a fourth volume and it's not a separate series but CreateSpace won't let me do a half series so I had to make a new one and called it 3.5.  Anyway, I'll keep posted on how things go.

On another note, been sick with this 24-hr stomach flu thing.  I've heard about it.  Never had it until yesterday.  Didn't think it really would be "24-hr" and yet it is.  Weird.  Anyhow, going to crawl back into bed since this med is making me feel all weird.  Ta-ta for now.