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Bao Lai's OTP?

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Recently, I learned there was an otome (on the PS2?) called Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku Ibun, where the MC is the priestess of Suzaku and gets to vie for all seven Suzaku Seishi's love.  I don't know why I haven't heard about it until now since it's a pretty old game.  I can't even find it on Amazon.  The notion of getting to choose between one of the guys is great, because you know... I'd go for Hotohori ;0) no doubt about it!  The MC is not Miaka though, it's another character and I wonder if this change was made because Tamahome is considered Miaka's OTP so it would be weird to play as her and vie for other guys.  Overall, I was never a big fan of Miaka.  She's irresponsible, stupid and useless but tends to say really good things at the right time, as many lead anime female characters do.  Words without actions to me are... eh, whatever.  Not to diss Yuu Watase's MC or anything but I just didn't/don't like her.

Anyway, from thinking about OTPs, I started thinking about Bao Lai from my Polaris series.  I feel like Bai Hu is her OTP but the same could be said about Han Bei or Dui.  Tell me which you think is her OTP if you've read the series, btw.

Hu is her childhood friend/enemy and the same could be said about Dui.  I feel that she has the most in common with Hu which is why they had such a love/hate relationship in their earlier years at Tian Mao Yi.  Dui is the opposite of Bao Lai and she likes him because of this aspect too.  In Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner, I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd probably choose Dui if I were Bao Lai but now that I'm reading the endings over again and again, I'm not sure.  I think Hu might be Bao Lai's OTP.

Then, there's also Han Bei.  Now, in Polaris: Empress of Ning, it was established that (spoiler alert!) Dong Xing, Bao Lai's half-sister, requested Han Bei to find her missing sister on her deathbed in the hopes that Bao Lai could take her role and love Han Bei in her stead.  This makes me feel that their fates are tied and Han Bei has been waiting for Bao Lai all his life.  Makes me really sad to read his part in all the books where Bao Lai is destined to love another.  Albeit Han Bei is never without lovers, I feel like he'll always be cheated a happy ending except in his own route.  I'm the one who wrote it so it's technically my fault.  Mad at myself!

I'm working on Yue's route now and I'm not sure who to pit him against and it's kind of difficult having written the OTP route and then switching over to another character who is obviously not the MC's OTP.  I want the story to be romantic and exciting of course but hell... how do ya beat true love?  My original idea was to pit Hu, Yue and Hai against one another but that wouldn't have been good.  Dui vs. Hu was best; both men could be Bao Lai's OTP.  So, guess I'll just let the characters take me through their stories in my head and I'll just write it down.

While I'm reading over the routes, here are some of my favorite quotes between the OTP(s) from the volume 3:

"What was it you said?  I'd never find a man if I kept cross-dressing and I'd probably end up married to some random loser?  That makes you the random loser." - Bao Lai to Bai Hu

“I’ve been rejected for a lot of things in my life but never because of that!  How dare you accuse me of being too perfect?  You’re a horrible, horrible wife!”  - Bai Hu to Bao Lai

"I was trying to be an adult by being there for you and not throw tantrums.  How would I have known you just wanted me to break all your fingers?!" - Bao Lai to Bai Hu

"If you say so.  In that justification, I don't need a wife then, I have you.  You've been nagging in my ears since the day we've met." - Dui to Bao Lai

"What did I say about using people as test subjects?!" - Bao Lai to Dui

"Are you willfully ignorant?  Who has been my one priority these past many months?  Whom have I risked life and limb to protect?  Whose happiness did I persevere to keep intact despite the fact that it was killing me inside?  Practice was the first time I put my hands on you.  Attraction was the first moment I kissed you.  And love was the instant I never wanted to see another man touch you." - Dui to Bao Lai

"An active decision without observation is a mistake.  Fine, I'll give in to your stubbornness for now.  Come the end of this conflict and your views may yet change.  Let me make one thing clear.  You didn't realize your love for Bai Hu until I suggested the idea and despite your pining for another, I have become your dependence.  I have loved you in every way he couldn't.  He's taken the shallow route of claiming your body.  I have taken the deeper path to your soul.  Hidden behind your superficial view of my weak shell is an acknowledgement of that truth.  Your childish obsession must end.  He's turned you away from one misunderstanding.  I would never misunderstand."  - Dui to Bao Lai

"Whatever that means.  Speaking of my brother, maybe I should have taken his advice.  Tormenting me is a sort of hobby for you. I should have run away when I had the chance." - Dui to Bao Lai

"Got an answer for everything, don't you?  Fine.  I didn't intend to take such drastic measures but since you've forced my hand, in twenty years if we're not married to other people, let's go crazy and tie the knot." - Dui to Bao Lai

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