Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Polaris: Dui's True Ending is Out!

Hey all!

My newest spinoff novel is now available for purchase.  Read for free with Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime and a Kindle device.  Polaris: Dui's True Ending.  Please check it out!

I recommend reading Polaris: The Demon General and the General Practitioner first if you have the chance but really, this spinoff stands alone and can be read independently.  Volume 3 provides a lot of good background info though that would make the nuances from volume 3.5 (spinoff) stand out more.

Title: Polaris: Dui's True Ending (Volume 3.5 of the Polaris Series)
ISBN: 978-0996633833
Price: $11.99 for physical copy. $2.99 for ebook.  Free with Kindle Unlimited.  Free with Amazon Prime and a Kindle device.

Synopsis, Covers and Final CGI:

A special spinoff to the Polaris: the Demon General and the General Practitioner otome novel, this volume is recommended for those who've read Dui's ending in the previous book.  However, it is not required since this book stands alone.

Six months after leaving Bai Hu to pursue an apprenticeship under Dui, spring has come again.  The time for lovers is in the air.  Bao Lai's come to return the doctor's unrequited affection only to find that it may be too late.  He refuses to be loved by default.

At the same time, a message from the E Mo city of Ming Na forebodes another conflict on the horizon.  The old wars threaten to return and Bao Lai's special bloodline advantage is once more called upon.  To her surprise, another personal discord awaits in the Northern city and Bao Lai must come to terms with accepting her continued affections for both the man she loves and the man she loved, who seeks to rekindle what they've lost.  The answer appears evident and yet only through seeing with unclouded eyes will peace be restored.

Find out the conclusion to Dui's story in this special spinoff and arrive at the exclusive CGI!

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