Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Make a Wish MC!

Hey all,

Have you played Shall We Date Apps' Ninja Destiny 2+ Kila's route?  I know I always complain about this otome but then I see new routes and I keep on playing it. I like the Kila character aside from the cliche, "let's go on a date, MC!" to the dumb battle between lovers... "I love you so I have to fight you to the death!" nonsense.  Kila's cute.  His bad boy, sharp eyes and spiky hair were some of my original character idea for Bai Hu but then I went the realistic art route and that would have been a little weird.

Anyway, this post is about the MC, Ayame.  She can have any wish that she wants and she chose to bring back Kila's sense of pain.  This really reminded me of Fushigi Yuugi's MC wanting to wish to get into a prestigious high school even though she just ended up marrying Tamahome and becoming a stay at home mom.  I'm not against women who chose to stay at home and take care of kids; it's an honorable profession and not an easy one.  Unlike work, you can't ignore your kids after 5PM (or can you?).  But really, Miaka, someone else (man or woman) who wanted a spot at that prestigious school in order to find a job after graduating could have used the opportunity.  Plus, you have your OTP, don't be greedy.  Go to a regular high school like the rest of us.

Point is, these MC seem really selfish since there are a plethora of bad things that plague the world from war to diseases and senseless crimes.  The reader is supposed to feel agreeable with the MC's wish choice and nod their heads when the author emphasizes that everything else is supposed to be earned, not granted because that would be too easy.  I know Miaka didn't actually use a wish to get into the school but I don't find what she did noble either; both her and Yui irritate me.  Same with Ayame.  I grasp what the authors are getting at but to be honest, each time I see one of these MC, they really tick me off.  I mean, if anyone is ever lucky enough to be favored by the gods and get one or multiple wishes, please fix the world to make it heaven on earth.  And if you can, ask for more wishes.  Or... get a wish lawyer and write down all your requests into a contract and hand it over for granting.  I don't know of any magical guidelines that bar using the word "and" when wishing.

This has been another blog post featuring me, griping.  I don't know why I felt compelled to write this post but I did.  Maybe someone who reads this will get a chance to become MC and make a wish come true.  For the love of God, please fix this crazy world!  AND also send Hotohori to me!

~Lenne Penry

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