Monday, November 20, 2017

Manga Short to Come...

Happy Monday folks!

Hope you're doing well!  Can you believe Thanksgiving is three days away?!  Time sure flies.

As with many major holidays, I try to clean my house to help with the feng shui aspect (and because it's usually filthy--I'm a hoarder).  I was cleaning last week and found two manga shorts that I made years ago.  One was entered into a manga competition and lost, the other, I never had a chance to submit since the competition wasn't held anymore.  They were terribly drawn and the story lines were sort of dumb because of the page limits.  Back then, I was drawing and inking things by hand and sometimes scanned them into a word document so I could add fonts.  Didn't have any of the fancy digital arts tool I have now.

I would never formally publish these of course, but it'd be a waste to throw them away without ever giving them a chance in the limelight.  So, I'll be uploading these soon, maybe a few pages at a time.  Look out for them.  Read and laugh if you must but try to be kind.  One is called "Tofu Bride" and the other... can't remember what I named it; let's go with "Picture Perfect."

Hoping I can get at least a few pages up later today.  See ya later!

~Lenne Penry

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