Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Reminder: Okko Sweet Romance's 'Rental Boyfriend' Otome Writing Contest

This is a repeat/reminder to those interested in writing a mini scenario for an otome game.  Okko Sweet Romance has a special contest for their Rental Boyfriend otome.  If you win, they'll publish your idea as one of their gacha short stories and also give you free points (platinum) for the specialty items that usually cost real money.  Your story will be published to thousands who play the game. 

All you have to do is write a special scenario, Christmas theme, for the MC and one of the guys from the otome.  700 words max and submit it by December 6th.  Submit scripts (preferably Mword) to with appropriate headers.

I wasn't going to but now I'm thinking about it.  Would be fun.  Takeomi and Taisuke are my favs but Kotaro seems a cute route to write. 

I'm encouraging all otome lovers who like the Rental BFs series to enter.  Go for it!  You never know until you try!

Happy writing!

~Lenne Penry

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