Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen

Hey all,

I don't know if you've been seeing this recommendation on your Facebook page, I kept seeing it on mine so I downloaded it.  The game is called Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen.  It's very, very... odd but fun.  The story line is one of those "Okay, if you say so.  I'll take a vial and jump down the rabbit hole."  There was a fashion show in some old wars where a pink-haired girl and Princess Elle fought for domination after the king died.  The pink-haired girl won one of the (3?) treasures but left so the princess took over with her reign of terror type deal... of course I skipped most of the intro so hopefully I didn't misstated anything.

Basically, you play as a pink-haired girl name Nikki (is she the original pink-haired girl or her incarnation?) and make your way through the story with your sidekicks Momo and Bobo.  Each stage has Nikki doing a fashion-off with competitors based on theme and grading criteria.  People will challenge Nikki for different reasons and half of it is silly and doesn't make much sense but just play along.  I'm not a fashionable person but the game is still pretty darn fun.  You might have to grind to pass some levels.  Overall, if you can get past the silly story line and maybe a lot of farming for materials and supplies, it's a fun game.  It may be the most interesting game I've played on an app so far.  The art is also amazing, very moe.  So far I'm giving the game a 4/5.  Check it out when you have a chance.

~Lenne Penry

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Non Winning Scenario Entry: Rental Boyfriend Kotaro Horibuchi

Hey all,

Hope you've had a merry Christmas.  As mentioned in a previous post, I would post my non-winning scenario entry below for lolz.  I tried to keep it clean because as you may know, the Rental Boyfriend otome can get a little hot and heavy depending on the routes, lol.  Tell me what you think, did I capture Kotaro's personality?

**On a side note, in the original draft, I did have Kotaro buy Shina-san a Lamborghini... a toy model of it, but then the whole thing went over word limit so I had to modify for simplicity.  Anyhow, here it is:

(Oh my goodness, Why does Shina-san have such expensive taste?  
He'll laugh if I buy the cheapest thing on this list... a scale ruler.)
The official Lipstick Kiss Christmas party is in three days.  We've been so busy with
customers wanting dates for office parties and family gatherings that there hasn't
been a chance to breathe.  I purchased decorations weeks ago and thought my part
was nearly finished until this red piece of paper left inside the booking journal suddenly
pokes out like a sore thumb.  We've opted for Secret Santa and Shina-san's list
is virtually impossible.
MC: "What am I going to do?"
Kotaro: "Hey, Niece-girl."
MC: "Ah!"  [A hand flies over my mouth] "Don't sneak up on me!"
Kotaro: "Sor-ry!  Geez.  Jumpy much?  What's that?"
MC: "N-nothing.  Hey, give that back!"
Kotaro: "You're Takeomi's Secret Santa?" [He holds up the paper] "Ha!  That's funny.  
Gonna get him a ruler?"
MC: "Obviously not.  What about you?  Who did you get?"
Kotaro: "You."
MC: "Me?"
Kotaro: "Yeah, you."  
(I didn't think he'd admit it so easily.)
Kotaro: "Hmm, I have an idea.  You're terrible at budgeting, right?"
MC: "Hey!"  (Ah, who am I kidding?) "... Yeah..."
Kotaro: "Knew it.  Why don't I, as a gift to you, purchase something for Takeomi?"
MC: "You want me to... re-gift your gift?"
Kotaro:  "Just saying.  Might not be a bad idea.  I looked over your list.  
Nothing you really need, right?"
MC; "True."  
Kotaro:  "Unless you really want those panda slippers, then it's settled.  
Financially sound decision it is!"
MC: "How are you going to afford anything from Shina-san's list?  
He wants a Lamborghini!"
Kotaro: "I know exactly what he wants.  Don't worry."
MC: "Oh.  Thank you, Kotaro."
Kotaro: "Sure.  Now can we please put up decorations?  It's soooo drab in here!"
(He's pouting.  Kotaro is such a kid but he can also be very mature.  
I really like him—I mean like that about him!  Ugh, what am I thinking?)
The day of the party is finally here.  Uncle Mokki and Kaoru are drunk under
the Christmas tree.  Aito and Kotaro's appetizers and drinks are a big hit.  Everyone
is having fun, except me.  I'd agreed but I'm not sure how this re-gifting will work
without someone noticing I'm a total cheapskate.  
For the moment, I'm hiding by the doorway.
Kotaro: "Hey Niece-girl."
MC: "Ah!"
Turning around, the wide-eyed stare puts me to silence.  
He was wearing an apron when I came in.  This dolled-up version of
Kotaro is... really handsome.
Kotaro:  "Are you mad?  Say something."
MC:  "O-oh, um, you look really nice."
Kotaro: "Well duh, it's a party.  And... thanks.  [He looks off, blushing]
Here, give this to Takeomi.  I've put your name on the tag.  Stop being anxious."
MC: "Honestly, I feel guilty.  You've put in the work and... budget and I'm taking your credit."
Kotaro: "Credit—Don't sweat it!  This is my gift to you, remember?  If you don't accept,
I'll feel really bad."
MC: "Well, when you put it that way..."
Haruka: "Are you two kissing under the mistletoe?"
Holy crap, I nearly dropped the package!
MC: " N-no!"
Kotaro: "Niece-girl was showing me her expensive present for Takeomi."
MC: "Kotaro!"
Haruka: "Oh, yeah!  Gift time!"
At once, the others swarm under the tree, all except for Shina-san.
Takeomi: "Is that for me?"
MC: "Oh, y-yeah.  Kotaro helped picked it out..."
Kotaro: "No clue what she's talking about."
Shrugging, Kotaro moves away.  Takeomi's eyes suddenly light up.
Takeomi: "A scale ruler!"
MC: "WHAT?!"
Takeomi: "Perfect!  Just what I wanted."
Smiling, Takeomi pats my shoulder and moves toward the others.  I can't breathe.  
Kotaro's snickering.
MC: "You bought the ruler?!"
Kotaro: "Takeomi listed extravagant items because he just wanted a ruler.  
You are dense. "
MC: "You could have told me!"
Kotaro: "Yeah, but then I couldn't derail from your list.  
I knew you'd freak out and hide by the door where this mistletoe was
mysteriously hung.  This is my real gift.  Merry Christmas."
A soft sensation touches my lips and then once part, our lips naturally join.
This is the perfect gift, much better than panda slippers.  
It's a memory of a first kiss I'll treasure forever.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

... And to all my Viet folks  Chúc Mừng Giáng Sinh!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Swagbucks Dollar Shave Club Deal

Hey readers,

Swagbucks has a good deal for Dollar Shave Club as their Deal of the Day.  Spend $5 for an initial box and get $20 back.  Stay subscribed 3 months ($9 each month) and get an additional $15.  The last time I did this deal, I only got $3 back so this is awesome!   Of course I can't do it a second time  T__T

I don't remember having to contact anyone to cancel it either, it was manageable under account settings.

Happy Shopping!
~Lenne Penry

Loot Gaming and Anime 50% Off!

Hey y'all,

Just got an email from Lootcrate.  They're running a promo for 50% off Gaming or Anime monthly boxes.  Only applicable to 1,3, or 6 month subscription.  Use promocode "Holiday2017." 

For other crates, I believe the "bestof2017" code will get you 30% off.

If you would like to sign up and give me me free points toward loot, then please use this link (won't hate you if you don't):

For those who don't know what Lootcrate is, it's a geeky subscription service.  They have different themes you can choose from, Lootcrate being the most basic and cheapest.  [I like the Sanrio crate (kawaii!)  :3 ]  Anyhow, they send you anything from toys to shirts and figurines, etc.  Makes ya giddy when a box comes in the mail.

You can cancel anytime before the next billing date without having to contact anyone, which is wonderful.  They're not bad on pricing when promos are ran.  I wouldn't buy them at full price tbh.  Also, I think you get a free box this month for signing up or something?  If you love geek stuff, and have the spare cash, it's worth a try.

~Lenne Penry

Friday, December 22, 2017

Okko Rental Boyfriend Scenario Contest Result

Hey all,

Looks like the Rental Boyfriend Otome Christmas scenario gacha is out.  If you'll remember, there was a competition for submitting scenarios for all the guys.  I saw on another blog that the writer had a winning entry for Aito and also had two other scenarios rejected.  I haven't heard back from Okko aside from the original email with confirmation that they received it.  I guess that means I didn't win... would have appreciated notice.  Bummer.  Oh well, I'm not foreign to failure.  Hoping the winning entry for Kotaro will be sweet.  Maybe I'll post mine here in a few days just for lolz.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out the Rental Boyfriend otome app, give it a chance.  It's one of Okko's better ones, I think.  And, also check out the Christmas scenario gacha.  There are a lot of talented writers out there and it would be a good chance to see the guys in a new light, outside of the original creator's hands.

If I don't see you again before 12/25... Merry Christmas!

~Lenne Penry

Monday, December 11, 2017

Polaris Update

Hey everyone,

Thanks for visiting.  I've been working on and off the fourth book to Polaris.  Yue will definitely be one of the routes but I'm still debating who to set him up against, Ying or Qing Hai.  Her OTP, Bai Hu, keeps poking his head into the story but he can't be Yue's rival since he's already had his chance!  Qing Hai seems plausible because he's a warm character in contrast to Yue's distant persona but I really wanted that scene at the palace where she first chooses a "guardian" to be the split between Hai, Hu and Yue.  So, I guess Ying would have to be it though I'm having a hard time portraying his character.  From the third book, Ying was shown to be serious, temperamental, acts like a curmudgeon-y old man, but also silly in his own way.  He doesn't get along with the MC and thinks she's kind of stupid.  On top of that, Ying is pretty manipulative.  Both men also like the "pure maiden" type.  They're both kind of goofy too.

That leaves the MC choosing between a curmudgeon-y manipulator and a distant persona who brushes her off and hardly ever speaks his mind.  Not much of a choice for the MC either way... on the surface anyhow.  This is going to take a lot of pages to develop both relationships... I keep looking at the page count and already it's at 250.  I really don't want another 800 page Empress of Ning type book and really, it needs to be 500 or less but who am I kidding?  That's not going to happen.  I hate large books because it deters readers from giving it a chance but I also don't want to limit my writing and confine the characters.  Guess I'll figure it out as I go along.

This book will be a little different from the others in that the Bei Ling-Nan Rong conflict won't begin with Su Jian's invasion, though he's involved of course.  The Huang Nu bloodline, first mentioned in Dui's True Ending will also play a key role in Yue's route.  I'm going to tone down Bao Lai's Demon Slayer ability and force her to use her head more, like in the first two books.

And finally, I get to write about Yue's quirkiness which I've had in my head for a long time... and probably should have written down sooner since I've forgotten most of it.  His quirkiness is liken to being OCD.  Now, I was, or rather am still somewhat OCD.  Some people associate OCD as things needing to be in order; ie, neat freak.  OCD though, at least in my case, is the compulsion to do things certain ways or a certain number of times to avoid something undesirable from happening.  It doesn't always make sense when said aloud, but it makes sense mentally.  I'm not going to make Yue super OCD as I was back in my younger years but I'll give him some of those attributes along with a shyness/embarrassment stemmed from acknowledgement that the illogical quirks exist.  You'll see from one chapter where they enter a restaurant and he'll sit on the edge of a chair because the seat is dirty but Yue won't change seats out because he's afraid to cause a scene.  At other times, he'll come home and repeat a series of actions.  Or, he'll blame himself for something bad happening because he derailed from a normal routine even though one couldn't have caused the other. He's also obsessed with cleanliness too but that reason you'll have to read for yourself.

As of now, I don't have an estimate for when the book will be done.  This is going to take a while.  I'm hoping before July of next year.  Check back for updates.

Talk to ya soon!
~Lenne Penry

Friday, December 1, 2017

Okko's Rental Boyfriend Scenario Contest Update

Hey y'all,

Just entered my scenario for Okko's Rental Boyfriend otome writing contest.  I went with Kotaro since he's a cutie and I can keep it clean unlike say, writing about Takeomi or Haruka.  The hardest part was keeping it under 700 words.  Had to change my story around to make it fit.  Ended with exactly 700 words.  Took me about 1-2 hrs but I was also playing on my tablet a little.

If you still haven't submitted your entry, there's still time.  December 6th is the last day. 

Happy writing!

~Lenne Penry