Saturday, December 23, 2017

Loot Gaming and Anime 50% Off!

Hey y'all,

Just got an email from Lootcrate.  They're running a promo for 50% off Gaming or Anime monthly boxes.  Only applicable to 1,3, or 6 month subscription.  Use promocode "Holiday2017." 

For other crates, I believe the "bestof2017" code will get you 30% off.

If you would like to sign up and give me me free points toward loot, then please use this link (won't hate you if you don't):

For those who don't know what Lootcrate is, it's a geeky subscription service.  They have different themes you can choose from, Lootcrate being the most basic and cheapest.  [I like the Sanrio crate (kawaii!)  :3 ]  Anyhow, they send you anything from toys to shirts and figurines, etc.  Makes ya giddy when a box comes in the mail.

You can cancel anytime before the next billing date without having to contact anyone, which is wonderful.  They're not bad on pricing when promos are ran.  I wouldn't buy them at full price tbh.  Also, I think you get a free box this month for signing up or something?  If you love geek stuff, and have the spare cash, it's worth a try.

~Lenne Penry

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