Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Non Winning Scenario Entry: Rental Boyfriend Kotaro Horibuchi

Hey all,

Hope you've had a merry Christmas.  As mentioned in a previous post, I would post my non-winning scenario entry below for lolz.  I tried to keep it clean because as you may know, the Rental Boyfriend otome can get a little hot and heavy depending on the routes, lol.  Tell me what you think, did I capture Kotaro's personality?

**On a side note, in the original draft, I did have Kotaro buy Shina-san a Lamborghini... a toy model of it, but then the whole thing went over word limit so I had to modify for simplicity.  Anyhow, here it is:

(Oh my goodness, Why does Shina-san have such expensive taste?  
He'll laugh if I buy the cheapest thing on this list... a scale ruler.)
The official Lipstick Kiss Christmas party is in three days.  We've been so busy with
customers wanting dates for office parties and family gatherings that there hasn't
been a chance to breathe.  I purchased decorations weeks ago and thought my part
was nearly finished until this red piece of paper left inside the booking journal suddenly
pokes out like a sore thumb.  We've opted for Secret Santa and Shina-san's list
is virtually impossible.
MC: "What am I going to do?"
Kotaro: "Hey, Niece-girl."
MC: "Ah!"  [A hand flies over my mouth] "Don't sneak up on me!"
Kotaro: "Sor-ry!  Geez.  Jumpy much?  What's that?"
MC: "N-nothing.  Hey, give that back!"
Kotaro: "You're Takeomi's Secret Santa?" [He holds up the paper] "Ha!  That's funny.  
Gonna get him a ruler?"
MC: "Obviously not.  What about you?  Who did you get?"
Kotaro: "You."
MC: "Me?"
Kotaro: "Yeah, you."  
(I didn't think he'd admit it so easily.)
Kotaro: "Hmm, I have an idea.  You're terrible at budgeting, right?"
MC: "Hey!"  (Ah, who am I kidding?) "... Yeah..."
Kotaro: "Knew it.  Why don't I, as a gift to you, purchase something for Takeomi?"
MC: "You want me to... re-gift your gift?"
Kotaro:  "Just saying.  Might not be a bad idea.  I looked over your list.  
Nothing you really need, right?"
MC; "True."  
Kotaro:  "Unless you really want those panda slippers, then it's settled.  
Financially sound decision it is!"
MC: "How are you going to afford anything from Shina-san's list?  
He wants a Lamborghini!"
Kotaro: "I know exactly what he wants.  Don't worry."
MC: "Oh.  Thank you, Kotaro."
Kotaro: "Sure.  Now can we please put up decorations?  It's soooo drab in here!"
(He's pouting.  Kotaro is such a kid but he can also be very mature.  
I really like him—I mean like that about him!  Ugh, what am I thinking?)
The day of the party is finally here.  Uncle Mokki and Kaoru are drunk under
the Christmas tree.  Aito and Kotaro's appetizers and drinks are a big hit.  Everyone
is having fun, except me.  I'd agreed but I'm not sure how this re-gifting will work
without someone noticing I'm a total cheapskate.  
For the moment, I'm hiding by the doorway.
Kotaro: "Hey Niece-girl."
MC: "Ah!"
Turning around, the wide-eyed stare puts me to silence.  
He was wearing an apron when I came in.  This dolled-up version of
Kotaro is... really handsome.
Kotaro:  "Are you mad?  Say something."
MC:  "O-oh, um, you look really nice."
Kotaro: "Well duh, it's a party.  And... thanks.  [He looks off, blushing]
Here, give this to Takeomi.  I've put your name on the tag.  Stop being anxious."
MC: "Honestly, I feel guilty.  You've put in the work and... budget and I'm taking your credit."
Kotaro: "Credit—Don't sweat it!  This is my gift to you, remember?  If you don't accept,
I'll feel really bad."
MC: "Well, when you put it that way..."
Haruka: "Are you two kissing under the mistletoe?"
Holy crap, I nearly dropped the package!
MC: " N-no!"
Kotaro: "Niece-girl was showing me her expensive present for Takeomi."
MC: "Kotaro!"
Haruka: "Oh, yeah!  Gift time!"
At once, the others swarm under the tree, all except for Shina-san.
Takeomi: "Is that for me?"
MC: "Oh, y-yeah.  Kotaro helped picked it out..."
Kotaro: "No clue what she's talking about."
Shrugging, Kotaro moves away.  Takeomi's eyes suddenly light up.
Takeomi: "A scale ruler!"
MC: "WHAT?!"
Takeomi: "Perfect!  Just what I wanted."
Smiling, Takeomi pats my shoulder and moves toward the others.  I can't breathe.  
Kotaro's snickering.
MC: "You bought the ruler?!"
Kotaro: "Takeomi listed extravagant items because he just wanted a ruler.  
You are dense. "
MC: "You could have told me!"
Kotaro: "Yeah, but then I couldn't derail from your list.  
I knew you'd freak out and hide by the door where this mistletoe was
mysteriously hung.  This is my real gift.  Merry Christmas."
A soft sensation touches my lips and then once part, our lips naturally join.
This is the perfect gift, much better than panda slippers.  
It's a memory of a first kiss I'll treasure forever.

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