Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

Friday, August 31, 2018

Random Post: Summer Update

Hey everyone!

Thanks for visiting.  It's almost September!  Can you believe it?

I've been working on the fourth book to Polaris but having real trouble with Ying's route.  He's such an ornery weirdo that I'm having difficulties with dialogue.  The book is almost 600 pages long and I'm still not at the climax of yet.  So... this might be another 800-page Empress of Ning book.  At least if you count pages of books while reading like I count steps, it's a real workout, huh?

I've also started a part time job recently to save up for a house, cuz prices have skyrocketed from a few years ago.  That's cutting into writing time too.  I really hope to get this book rolling and out by the end of the year.  So... look for it.  I think my fan base is 1 person.  Whoever you are, thank you much!

Oh, and in case you're curious, I'm working part time at Walmart.  Seems whenever I tell people this, they roll their eyes or scrunch their faces, lol.  It starts at $11.50/hr stocking in the back and a little less in the front as cashier ($10-$11?).  Backroom is harder work with lifting and all that, so it pays more.  My doctor says I need to lose 20 pounds anyhow.  Maybe this will be the exercise plan that sticks!  XD
Hours are flexible.  Bonuses are given four times a year ($550 max each time for full time folks; part time is based on hours worked).  I like how their Pathway program allow employees to move up into higher positions over time.  One of the assistant managers in Dairy is 19 years old, another over in Meat or Frozen, forget which, is 23 and so on.  I've never been a manager of anything.  Kind of weird these kids are managers but also pretty cool.

I've done a number of odd jobs in my lifetime, from painting houses, to working in a factory, to selling fruits at the farmers' market, to a good ole' desk job... and now in retail.  Gotta say, despite the higher qualification for a desk job, I still respect people who can put in a hard day's labor.  Since I'm doing both at the same time, kind of make me appreciate my lousy desk job more because I get to sit whenever I want.  So overall, an appreciation of both white and blue collar jobs.

That isn't to say that if you're young and doing one of these physical labor jobs that you should stay in it.  Won't be fun when you're old.  Always try for more because you'll never know what you can do.  Many community colleges have tuition assistance.  Don't be quick to say that you were never good in school.  Thing is, I find that I learn things better and make them stick longer now that I'm older.  I don't learn as fast as I used to, but I understand more.  And for those bored in a desk job and gaining weight like I am, don't turn your nose at a blue collar job for that extra cash and much needed exercise if you have the interest/time/energy.  Siting in a cubicle for 40 years will turn you mad.

That's my spiel for the day to you kids.  TTYL!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New Game: Royal Chaos!

Hey everyone!

Hope you're doing well.

I saw an ad for Royal Chaos and decided to download it (from the app store).  It's strange and unique; kind of like Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen.

You can play as male or female; the game has different goals depending on your gender.  I don't know what the guy aspires for since I chose the girl.  The story goes that your father slighted the emperor's fav concubine (who's at war with the empress for control) and so, as the female MC, dump your love and go to the palace in hopes that His Highness, Emperor Mu, picks you as a consort.  I guess this is to make sure your family is safe?

When you get there, make some friends and build a team to fight off snarky bi-atches and jerks who stand in your way.  As the MC, you can play as a scholar, warrior, healer, sage (I think that was it) with different attributes and engage in combat with others to win gold, etc.  Combat is turned based but it's not like Final Fantasy where you get to choose the moves.  It's auto.  Still kind of funny.

The emperor is hot.  Reminds me of Hotohori.  Apparently, with all those women fighting over him, he's pining after someone that he can't have (sounds like Hotohori?).  I guess your role, if you play your cards right, ladies, is to win his heart.  Now, the weird thing is... I thought the MC loved the man she left behind and yet once she sees Emperor Mu on the side quest (where you/player get to touch him *wink wink*) she's acting as if he's so beautiful that he could be "Mr. Right."  Ermm... So, did she not love her bf?  Weird.  Whatever.

I love old Chinese clothing, architectures, landscape, languages... ancient Chinese aesthetics in general, so this game is right up my alley.  I think I must have lived there in another lifetime.

Anyhow, check it out and let me know what you think.

**P.S. Yes, it does take a bit of time to download so get on that wifi to save some data.

Have fun gaming!
~Lenne Penry


The emperor is nothing like Hotohori.  He sleeps with everybody (but he loves you/MC the most *rolls eyes*).  Also, it's like the Bachelorette show mixed with Sister Wives; full of drama, backstabbing, two-faced women vying to be number one.  Even the MC doesn't seem to really like Emperor Mu all that much, she's just faking it to get more favors.  I don't like anyone in this game... except for the MC's old bf/lover.  At least he seems more genuine than all these harpies put together.

So... do I still recommend this game?  Sure, it's interesting game play.  Just... don't expect to get attached to any character.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Hope you're having fun celebrating.  Careful with the fireworks.

I'm super full from BBQ so I'm watching the Xena: Warrior Princess Marathon on El Rey Network.  I used to watch this in the 90s but back then my English wasn't very good so I pretty much watched it for the fighting.  Now that I can understand the plot, the stories seem really good.  A good series, even now.  Watch it when you get a chance.

Also, how's everyone celebrating today?


Monday, June 25, 2018

Wizardess Heart: Amelia Niles Spin-off

Hey everyone!

Shall We Date put out a new spin-off for Wizardess Heart.  The extra cool and super nice roommate, Amelia Niles, finally gets a shot at love.  I was hoping it would be Professor Merkulova.  Instead, it looks like two generically drawn characters: Augustus (boy) and Scarlett (girl?).  (Girl?) because Amelia never mentioned that she was into chicks and this could be one of those boy dressed like girl dressed like boy thing... or something.  I haven't gotten far in the spin-off since I ran out of story tickets.

I really was hoping it would be Prof Merkulova.  Yes, I know I already said it but still... Prof Merkulova!  Why?  In one of Liz's route, she mentioned her type of guy is someone like Prof Merkulova.  In another route, it was Headmaster Randolph, if memory serves.  Either way, she likes older guys.  I think Prof Merkulova would be so perfect for Amelia.  He's young, handsome and bookish.  Has some personal issues as revealed by Elias's route, which would have made great conflict for a story.

Someone fanfic this please!

Otherwise, if you're playing the spin-off, let me know what you think of Scarlett and/or Augustus.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about:
Game: Wizardess Heart
Developer: Shall We Date Apps
Location: App store (android; iOs)
Cost: Free

Have fun otome-ing!

~Lenne Penry

Friday, June 22, 2018

Win His Heart Otome Slot Game?

Hey all,

I logged into Wizardess Heart yesterday and saw an ad for "Win His Heart Slots."  Apparently, it's a new slot game where you can win CGs from the some of popular Shall We Date App otomes such as: Wizardess Heart; Blood in Roses; Guard Me, Sherlock; Love Tangle; Ninja Assassin.

I clicked through the link from Wizardess Heart and got 1,000,000 points after the download.  Also, Klaus Goldstein's slot is available for download for a short time... today is the last day, maybe?

Overall, it's kind of a clunky, slow app.  Not terrible but gets boring awfully fast in my opinion.  I would suggest that you try it out if you're interested.  At least the cute guys have a bit more movement as they cheer you on if you win than the usual static pictures from the otomes.  Randy's slot has Taffy instead of Randy.  I like Taffy so no complaints.

I'm not sure exactly where this concept came from or where it'll go from here so I'll keep the download for now in case something fun develops.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

~Lenne Penry

Saturday, June 16, 2018

As It Turns Out... I'm Not My MC

Hey everyone,

If you've ever written, drawn, crafted or created any sort of artistic works, have you ever put too much of yourself into the pieces?  Often, I wonder if I've made my MC, Bao Lai, too much like myself... or at least, the me I think I am inside my own head.  I discovered recently that isn't so and maybe, I should be more like her.

You've heard me complain about my job before (as many working people do) and if you've read Malphas, you'd get the gist of my feelings toward my coworkers... again, afraid I might have put too much of myself into writing.  Anyway, I'm not fond of being a complainer.  I'm more of a doer, so I thought.  Last year, I applied to the JET Program as an assistant language teacher for the 2018 school year.  Well, I was actually short listed and was assigned to a great city called Sapporo (like the beer) in Hokkaido, Japan.  I was really excited except... ultimately, I failed to make the jump.  As we learn from many otomes, an MC is no one special until she either is drawn into some craziness or takes a chance at life.  I actually felt as if I could have been an MC in my own little story if I had taken the chance and started over in Japan.

The idea of starting anew is thrilling and frightening.  I kept thinking, I'm in my thirties... this job is mainly targeted at new graduates.  If this were a decade ago, I wouldn't hesitate.  To give up my safe job and go overseas just to finally come back and... look for another job that will likely pay less, not to mention, lose two years worth of additional savings which I've been working toward in order to afford a house is... madness.  Then there were fears of the language barriers, making social mistakes, not knowing how to get places (because I get lost a lot), horror stories online from JET alums, etc.  There were also some family issues too that added to the weight on my chest.  Even then, ever since I turned down the position (and made someone on the waiting list very happy), a thought has been been gnawing at my psyche.  What if this was my last and only chance to work abroad like I've wanted for a long time?  What if I could have discovered some great sights and made lasting memories?  The 2020 Olympics will be in Tokyo.  I could have gone to the Olympics!  Maybe, I could have met the love of my life.  I didn't walk down that path and now I'll never know.  The what ifs in life are truly daunting.

When I used to hear people quit great jobs to go do crazy things in search of adventure, I thought them bonkers.  I guess I understand now.  Life is short.  Live it while you can because in the end, money can't be taken with you.  Find happiness and live a good life instead of sitting in a dead end job quietly cussing your a-hole coworkers.  That's a heart attack waiting to happen.  Though, that's not to say recklessly quitting a good job is best for everyone.  Still, I am quite the coward, the opposite of my MC.  I was at the last step before going and I withdrew.  She would have just gone even if she were quivering in her boots.  She would have found something great while I merely watch from beyond the covers and dream the same without the gumption to imitate. 

I realized I'm not my MC and I haven't put too much of myself into my pieces.  Instead, I should have let life imitate art, and taken more of Bao Lai's personality into me.  Maybe I write about the person I aspire to be; not perfect, but perfectly capable of speaking her mind and taking chances.  I've thought about this before and now, more than ever, I think I'll take this motto to heart: YOLO.

Good night everyone.  Thanks for visiting.

~Lenne Penry

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Random Post: Pics From My Recent Trip

Hey everyone!

I was out last week on conference by having bummed off another's team trip, and have some pictures to share.  I was in Daytona Beach--pretty swanky, right?  Loved the ocean waves.  Overall, it was a good trip and I learned a lot.  If you were at the same conference, you might have seen me and not know it, lolz.

Here's a pic of the beach and some seafood I got at Macker's.  And yes, I ate all of that in one sitting and had terrible stomach aches... I regret nothing!

Other than fun in the sun, I'm still working on the fourth book to Polaris but keep blanking out because my characters won't act the way I want them to.  Ying will not be bound!  I think I might have to change his personality a little.  More to come.

Thanks for visiting!
~Lenne Penry

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March Update

Hey everyone,

Hope you're doing well. 

I've been wasting a lot of electricity lately by getting all hyped up, turning on my computer and then staring blankly at the screen for hours.  I have no idea where this story is going and when I manage to get a few sentences out, end up writing my characters into a corner.  The fourth book to Polaris is giving me lot of heartache--or maybe more like heartburn.  I think I'm trying to incorporate too many background stories from side characters that it's taking up space.  Almost 400 pages in and I feel like I need another 500 after rewriting about 150.  These books keep getting longer because the characters have more to say.  Also, I'm not really feeling the "spark" between my MC and the guys, probably because these guys are more the tsundere types, and that spark is hard to create when the MC, despite being hot-headed, isn't particularly a warm character either.  She's kind of a tsundere sometimes so then we have three tsundere characters looking awkwardly at one another (or maybe ignoring each other) at this dull party full of wallflowers.  Oh boy... Needless to say, I don't think this book will be done by July unless I have an epiphany.

I do have some ideas for the CGs though.  I had the image of Mizuki from the Ninja Destiny otome in my mind for Ying but Ying is said to have long tuffs of hair while Mizuki's is short.  Plus, Ying is older (~35 yrs old) and I wanted to go with the realistic art again instead of anime-ish art so he won't end up looking much like Mizuki.  Yue will be even more difficult because he's supposed to be super hunky and um... I'm not sure if I can pull the art off on that but I will try.  Just keep in mind he's supposed to be super hunky ;)

Lastly, I'm wondering if I should be nice and keep the book light and airy or go a little dark and start chopping off characters like a Shakespeare play.  Demons and Demon Slayers were covered in the last full volume while Huang Nu were mentioned in the volume 3.5.  This book is supposed to delve farther into the Huang Nu's bloodline history which is kind of dark and sad.  It is an otome though and not a Romance of the Three Kingdoms type book.  Maybe I'll save the Shakespeare thing for my own version an epic Chinese warring states tale later on.  Who knows?  I'm just throwing out ideas, folks.  Feel free to comment.

Other than working on the book, I just found out my employers approved my request to bum off another team's conference trip and I'll be spending Spring Break somewhere nice... wearing a suit and listening to a 12-hr symposium.  Oh well, better than nothing.  I can still run to the beach afterwards and maybe take a couple of pictures.

One last note, just a reminder that if you would like to do an honest review for one of my books, look me up on Amazon and let me know your email address via Twitter (@lennepenry) along with the book title you'd like to review.  I'll send you a redemption code.  I'd also appreciate it. <3

Thanks for visiting!
~Lenne Penry

Monday, February 26, 2018

Random Review: Farmstead Apothecary Jojoba Face Cream

Hey everyone,

This will one of my boring rants / reviews so if that sounds terribly annoying to you, feel free to close out the blog.  Won't hurt my feelings, I promise.

picture source:

I used to like Bath & Body a lot.  Hadn't been there in years but during their semi annual sale earlier this year, I decided to splurge on some lotions, soaps, perfume, etc.  I ended up getting a terrible headache from the perfume and the lotions.  Even the more expensive ones which weren't discounted, didn't seem to react well.  I'm not saying Bath & Body is a bad brand but it seems suited for younger folks.  Those ingredients that most people can't read seem to agitate my system now in my old age.  I'm leaning toward the natural ways.

If you're like me, no longer a spring chicken, chances are your skin have seen better days.  Chances are you've used harsh chemical-filled lotions, face washes, etc without thinking twice and then attributed bad skin issues to age.  In my early twenties, I started using those face washes which advertised opening up pore and whatnot for a deep clean and as a young person at the time, I wanted to try something new without much thought about what went on my face.  Well, they opened up pores all right and never closed them.  My once smooth, taut skin looks riddled with huge pores; skin became lackluster and not many years later, I looked like a dog with droopy cheeks.  Then I tried the so called most gentle brand of face wash thinking it would help the bad skin issues, and it made my face burned.  In fact, after having ruined my face from those cleansers, my skin has become excessively sensitive that all those popular brands make my face burn.

So... I turned to expensive brands hoping they could fix my bad skin issues like roughness, huge pores, droopiness, dark spots, etc thinking it's an age/hydration thing.  My sister who used Estee Lauder and those expensive department store creams claimed their effectiveness and I decided to loosen the purse strings and tried those out, even Clinique, which I heard great things about.  Made my skin smooth after the first several applications and then started burning.  After having those jars/tubes for a while, they developed some strange alterations in the smell, like denaturing alcohol.  In the long run, nothing changed to fix the problems I wanted fix and I was nervous every time I put those on wondering if adding more chemicals was going to fix what chemicals might have damaged.

Back in December, I was on Amazon looking to spend my gift card, I found this brand and thought I'd share it with you: Farmstead Apothecary.  ***Just a note that I am not endorsing this product or claiming its effectiveness.  I am not being paid to write this (though would be nice if that were the case!).  Just sharing my experience with anyone interested in a more natural alternative to those chemical filled products.***

Farmstead Apothecary's face cream brand claims 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free (not tested on animals), no alcohol or drying agents, organic, 8 ingredients or less, and the products are scented with real fruit.

This is really the ingredient list on their Anti-Aging Face Cream with Jojoba Oil:
Ingredients: Water, organic safflower oil, organic jojoba oil, non-GMO vegetable emulsifying wax, organic radish root ferment, stearic acid, non-GMO vitamin E oil, organic natural fruit fragrance

As they further explain on their website, the stearic acid is derived from plants.  I heard good things about jojoba (pig nut) but never tried.  Figured it wouldn't hurt and the online reviews, though limited, were positive.  Hey, I had free money from a gift card and at less than $20, still a world cheaper than those fancy brands that did nothing.

I'm not sure what I expected. The product came in a plastic jar which to me, felt cheap, but I guess those fancy brands use fancy jars and then charge an arm and a leg.  Mentally though, I did think it was cheap. First impression after opening the jar was: this looks like Crisco and smells like weird yogurt.  I could smell both of the scents marked on the label but they oddly did not go well together.  It could have been attributed to jojoba, I don't know.  This was another mental note made that lowered expectations right away.  However, I kept looking at the simple ingredient list and decided why the heck not?

Well, I'm glad I gave this brand a chance.  After a couple months of using this product, my skin looks a lot nicer.  The pore issues have dramatically decreased, my skin feels taut to the point that I thought my chubby face shrank.  Used it on my neck which has the second chin issue and that seemed to diminish as well. Skin feels smooth but not doughy (if you know what I mean).  Only downside though is that if I happen to get my skin wet after application, and I mean hours later, not immediately, some of the smoothness diminishes and seems skin around the eyebrows area flakes a bit.  I'm not sure if that's due to the cream or something else. Overall, like other face cream, reapplication is a must to keep the "hawtness" going (XD)  The jar is 4 oz.  I still have at least half left after applying it daily for about two months.  I can easily see this lasting four to six months.

Final Thoughts: Farmstead Apothecary has my business, at least for face cream.  I've tried their body butter and not entirely impressed but we'll leave it at that.  Sans the initial smell which has become normal to me, I love the natural ingredients.  I don't feel uneasiness when putting this on my skin compared to chemical filled products.  It goes to show that price doesn't always equate to quality or effectiveness (at least for me).  Natural is sometimes the way.  This small brand got it right.

Hope I've bored the snot out of you.  Thanks for reading!

~Lenne Penry

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone!

Hope you're having a happy Valentine's Day! 

If you're single, like me, there's always discounted candy at Walmart tomorrow!  Just kidding, don't eat too much candy (bad for ya!).  On the bright side, we can always look forward to next year for a chance at becoming the MC in our own love stories which have yet been written.  Lunar New Year is in two days so it's not that far away!

Whether you're lucky enough to have someone or waiting for that 2D crush to become 3D, treat yourself to something nice this Valentine.  Enjoy the pretty decorations and rejoice in the festive atmosphere.

Happy Valentine's Day! 


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Wizardess Heart MC's Personality Change?

Hey everyone,

Am I the only one who's noticed a change in the Wizardess Heart MC, Liz Hart, in the new story lines?  She's not the simple, blushing, understanding though dumb type of girl they've had since the inception of the series.  In Zeus's route (the newest route), she seems short tempered, slightly snarky, assertive, and a tad sharper.  She kind of reminds me a little of my MC, except Bao Lai is also goofy and socially awkward. 

I wonder what provoked the change... different writers, maybe?  Or maybe the same writers thought she'd act differently because Liz didn't have a buddy/boyfriend in the first three years at the academy in this route. Maybe the personality change could be attributed to maturity without a bf to rely on.  Not sure.  I'm liking Liz a bit better than her old airhead version but I still think Amelia deserves her own route with Prof Merkulova.

What are your thoughts on the matured/modified Liz Hart?  How do you like Zeus?

For those who haven't checked out this series, it's free in the Playstore and one of the better ones by Shall We Date Apps.  Give it a try.

Thanks for visiting!
~Lenne Penry

Friday, February 9, 2018

A Polaris Valentine

Hey all,

Here's my Polaris Valentine doodle featuring the MC, Bao Lai, and one of the guys she can get from volume 1, Kang Lang.  Decided to go with the yandere/tsundere theme because Kang Lang is such a sweet and crazy person.

Let me know what you think. <3


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

OKKO Fan Art Contest: Rental Boyfriends

Hey guys and dolls,

My tablet has been acting up and I've recently managed to get it working again.  I've just re-downloaded Rental Boyfriends and looks like there is another contest; fan art this time.  Bad thing is... last day to enter is tomorrow.  It has to be Valentine's Day theme.  Just FYI in case you're interested.  Download the game to get more info from the news board plus use the guys' pictures as references for your art.  Last minute, I know, but some of you artists out there are fast and creative so I'm sure if you really want to enter, it's not impossible.

I'll stay out of this contest because of late notice and quite frankly, I know my art is noob status.  Need to work on it.  I think I'll post a quick Polaris Valentine doodle next week with the (literally) crazy romantic, Kang Lang.  He's actually my favorite character to write for because he's such an @$$!  I wonder what that says about me.  Huh.

Anyhow, happy drawing!
~Lenne Penry

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Snowy Sunday

It was snowing today when I woke up.  Holy smokes, I haven't seen this much snow in so long!  When I was a kid, seeing snow made me giddy because I'd always hope for a day (or many days) off from school.  Now, it's pretty but a pain because I really don't want to drive in it.  Hopefully it'll clear up before I leave for work tomorrow.  Here are a couple pics.

Any snow where you are right now?

Friday, February 2, 2018

Free Geek Fuel Box Came

Hey guys and gals,

Got my free Geek Fuel box today.  Came with the items listed in the previous post (Transfomers T-shirt, GF lanyard & pin, Steam code, and a random journal.)  I received the Zelda journal.  It's really nice in person; well made.  I don't usually write in journals but tempted to fill this one up because it's so pretty... either that or put it up as decoration.  Maybe I'll keep it on the nightstand as a dream journal.

Well, anyhow, just wanted to show that the GF offer was legit.  The promo is now over though, I believe, but who knows, they might do it again.  Keep an eye out for next time.  ;)

Happy Geeking
~Lenne Penry

Saturday, January 27, 2018

FREE Geek Fuel Box! ($6-$8 Shipping)

Hey guys,

Saw this on my Facebook by Geekfuel.  They're having a promo where all you have to do is pay for shipping and they'll ship you a free box.  This is a really good deal considering they usually charge around $25 per box.  Just remember to cancel the subscription before the next billing date in February unless you want to keep the subscription going.  They will charge full price in Feb!

It's a clickthrough link so I would advise you to search for it on Facebook.  Check the website's url has https with a secure verification in the clickthrough to make sure you clicked on a legit post.  I tried searching for it on google but when I get to the page, they say offer has expired.  I went through Facebook and it worked fine.  I've actually done one of these free offers before.  The last one was all right.  I saw the unboxing on YouTube for this month's and it looks nice.  You get a Transformer T-shirt, Geek Fuel lanyard & pin, a random journal (really nice journals) worth the $6 alone in my opinion and a game code for Steam (The Marvelous Miss Take).  Below is the post to look for.

Happy geeking!
~Lenne Penry

City Wok

Hey visitors,

Saw this at the Denver airport this week.  Went there for a job interview. I guess there really is a City "Shitty" Wok in Colorado. O__O

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Good Swagbucks Deals

Hey visitors,

If you haven't given Swagbucks a try, it's awesome.  If you have but never tried these offers, take a look.  I've done a few deals recently that are either money maker or totally worth it. Here are some notes in case you're interested.

  1. BOXED - it's a new company that deals mainly in bulk sales, kind of like Costco.  The current offer on Swagbucks is spend at least $20 and get $15 back.  I just got my orders today.  It's one per user not one per household so if you have multiple folks at your household on Swagbucks, this is pretty good.  
    • Pro(s): For roughly $20 if you spend the minimum, you get up to $15 worth of free stuff, two samples (don't forget to select these before checking out) and free shipping.  One time only.
    • Con(s): selection is limited.  I just bought Sriracha ;)
    • Note: don't forget to turn off your adblocker so Swagbucks can log the transaction.  You should receive an email about $15 rebate (1500 sb) the same day of purchase, assuming you didn't order late at night.
  2. GameFly - Spent $10 and some change for a 2-month (basic) subscription to Gamefly.
    • Pro(s) - $16+ money maker and it's instant credit!
    • Con(s) - Only one per household even though the description says per user
    • Note- don't forget to cancel the subscription within two months or you'll be charged again, unless you want to keep it.
  3. Love with Food - snack subscription service.  Spend $10 and get $10 unless... use coupon code save5 at checkout.   Then your order is only $4.99.
    • Pro(s) - $5 maker and free snacks
    • Con(s) - not sure yet, still waiting for shipment
    • Note - remember to cancel before next billing period, unless you want to keep it.
  4. Gilette on Demand - Spend around $10 on the Mach 3 Turbo (because it's the cheapest w/ free shipping) and get $20 back.  Also, you get free razors.
    • Pro(s) - no subscriptions (unless you want to) if you choose on demand!  Also one per user so multiple per household is okay.  If you don't need razors, they make a nice gift for someone else.
    • Con(s) - none that I saw.
    • Note - swagbucks want to know your cell number before letting you do this offer to keep people from making multiple accounts.  quick verification.
  5. Proactiv - This deal changed since I last used it but the concept is the same.  Spend $20 on a kit and get $30 back.  Then, turn around and sell the kit on ebay for around $60.  I sold mine in one day.
    • Pro(s) - good money maker
    • Con(s) - subscription that is hard to cancel.  You have to call and then they give you the roundabout spiel.  Just keep saying no.  Also, when I did the offer, it took forever for the credit to apply.  Had to put in a ticket.
    • Note - Don't forget to cancel the subscription unless you really want to keep it.

Happy Money Making!
~ Lenne Penry

Monday, January 22, 2018

Mai Draft Sketch

Hey guys,

Been looking to clear some files from my disk and found an old sketch of Mai from Poetess Xuan.  She's supposed to be the skinny/pretty girl and the MC's (Xuan's) cousin.  I'm not sure if I'll make new routes for this otome but I'm thinking about going back to anime-ish type art for future CGs of other otome novels and try to make them more outlandish.

If you've read Poetess Xuan, what did you think of Mai?

Thanks for visiting!
~Lenne Penry

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Resolutions

Hey everyone,

Thanks for visiting.  It's that time again.  Time to make resolutions for the new year and hopefully keep them!  The following is my year in review along with some goals for the new year.  Please let me know what some of your resolutions are too in the comments.

Year in Review:

  1. Published the third book and spinoff to the Polaris series.  The Demon General and the General Practitioner & Dui's True Ending.
  2. Made $45.46 in royalties (book sales and pages read from Kindle Unlimited). Thank you very much for your contributions! :0)
  3. Improved my public speaking skills slightly by having joined Toastmasters International Club.
  4. Made some (dank?) memes.

New Year Resolutions:

  1. Lose 20 pounds.  (Ha!  I say this every year)
  2. Publish the fourth book to the Polaris otome series.
  3. Publish more pictures on my blog posts.  I know I should.  Plain texts look so bland.  I just don't like pulling out the old drawing tablet until it's a big project like drawing the ending CGs for the novels. Maybe I'll doodle something for Lunar New Year.
  4. Make at least $41 in royalties so I can break even on those ISBNs purchased from 2015.
  5. Finally pay off my car
  6. Possibly change job.  I applied for an overseas English teaching assistant position.  It pays less than a third of my current salary, lol, but I don't know... guess I need a change before the filters come off and my coworkers really know what I think.  Office politics.  Sigh... anyway, que sera, sera.
~Lenne Penry