Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Resolutions

Hey everyone,

Thanks for visiting.  It's that time again.  Time to make resolutions for the new year and hopefully keep them!  The following is my year in review along with some goals for the new year.  Please let me know what some of your resolutions are too in the comments.

Year in Review:

  1. Published the third book and spinoff to the Polaris series.  The Demon General and the General Practitioner & Dui's True Ending.
  2. Made $45.46 in royalties (book sales and pages read from Kindle Unlimited). Thank you very much for your contributions! :0)
  3. Improved my public speaking skills slightly by having joined Toastmasters International Club.
  4. Made some (dank?) memes.

New Year Resolutions:

  1. Lose 20 pounds.  (Ha!  I say this every year)
  2. Publish the fourth book to the Polaris otome series.
  3. Publish more pictures on my blog posts.  I know I should.  Plain texts look so bland.  I just don't like pulling out the old drawing tablet until it's a big project like drawing the ending CGs for the novels. Maybe I'll doodle something for Lunar New Year.
  4. Make at least $41 in royalties so I can break even on those ISBNs purchased from 2015.
  5. Finally pay off my car
  6. Possibly change job.  I applied for an overseas English teaching assistant position.  It pays less than a third of my current salary, lol, but I don't know... guess I need a change before the filters come off and my coworkers really know what I think.  Office politics.  Sigh... anyway, que sera, sera.
~Lenne Penry

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