Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Good Swagbucks Deals

Hey visitors,

If you haven't given Swagbucks a try, it's awesome.  If you have but never tried these offers, take a look.  I've done a few deals recently that are either money maker or totally worth it. Here are some notes in case you're interested.

  1. BOXED - it's a new company that deals mainly in bulk sales, kind of like Costco.  The current offer on Swagbucks is spend at least $20 and get $15 back.  I just got my orders today.  It's one per user not one per household so if you have multiple folks at your household on Swagbucks, this is pretty good.  
    • Pro(s): For roughly $20 if you spend the minimum, you get up to $15 worth of free stuff, two samples (don't forget to select these before checking out) and free shipping.  One time only.
    • Con(s): selection is limited.  I just bought Sriracha ;)
    • Note: don't forget to turn off your adblocker so Swagbucks can log the transaction.  You should receive an email about $15 rebate (1500 sb) the same day of purchase, assuming you didn't order late at night.
  2. GameFly - Spent $10 and some change for a 2-month (basic) subscription to Gamefly.
    • Pro(s) - $16+ money maker and it's instant credit!
    • Con(s) - Only one per household even though the description says per user
    • Note- don't forget to cancel the subscription within two months or you'll be charged again, unless you want to keep it.
  3. Love with Food - snack subscription service.  Spend $10 and get $10 unless... use coupon code save5 at checkout.   Then your order is only $4.99.
    • Pro(s) - $5 maker and free snacks
    • Con(s) - not sure yet, still waiting for shipment
    • Note - remember to cancel before next billing period, unless you want to keep it.
  4. Gilette on Demand - Spend around $10 on the Mach 3 Turbo (because it's the cheapest w/ free shipping) and get $20 back.  Also, you get free razors.
    • Pro(s) - no subscriptions (unless you want to) if you choose on demand!  Also one per user so multiple per household is okay.  If you don't need razors, they make a nice gift for someone else.
    • Con(s) - none that I saw.
    • Note - swagbucks want to know your cell number before letting you do this offer to keep people from making multiple accounts.  quick verification.
  5. Proactiv - This deal changed since I last used it but the concept is the same.  Spend $20 on a kit and get $30 back.  Then, turn around and sell the kit on ebay for around $60.  I sold mine in one day.
    • Pro(s) - good money maker
    • Con(s) - subscription that is hard to cancel.  You have to call and then they give you the roundabout spiel.  Just keep saying no.  Also, when I did the offer, it took forever for the credit to apply.  Had to put in a ticket.
    • Note - Don't forget to cancel the subscription unless you really want to keep it.

Happy Money Making!
~ Lenne Penry

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